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Stetler asks court to compel Lemonis testimony

Stetler asks court to compel Lemonis testimony

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Attorneys for RV dealer Gigi Stetler apparently have had enough in waiting for Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis to present himself for a deposition. New court documents indicate Stetler’s attorneys have asked the court to compel his testimony.

Stetler filed suit against Camping World, Bellissimo Entities and several other firms in October 2013 alleging the companies had conspired against her and her dealership. Check out the story about the initial complaint.

Stetler claims Bellissimo Entities required her to forward her confidential client list, her budget, copies of client contracts, financial information about her clients, a profit and loss statement, her business model for the campground operation as well as her entire business plan — before the amount of rent was determined.

Oct. 21, 2009, Stetler claims Bellissimo Entities informed her that the firm had entered into a contract with Camping World and that her services would no longer be needed. Four minutes after the call ended, Stetler said she was e-mailed a press release announcing the Camping World partnership for the 2010 Winter Equestrian Festival. In addition to sending the press release to Stetler, Bellissimo Entities also sent it to all of Stetler’s customers by mass e-mail, the complaint noted.

In late December of last year — more than three years after the suit had been filed — Stetler’s attorneys submitted a motion to the 15th Circuit Court in Florida demanding that Lemonis be presented for a deposition.

“This case involves the stealing of trade secrets and unlawful trespassing of Gigi Stetler and RV Sales of Broward from the Winter Equestrian Festival,” the motion reads. “One of the main culprits involved in the theft and trespassing is the president and CEO of Camping World, Marcus Lemonis. His involvement is outlined extensively in the plaintiff’s complaint.

“Counsel for the plaintiffs has reached out numerous times to counsel for the defendant, Camping World, over the last eight months attempting to coordinate the deposition of Mr. Lemonis. Counsel for the defendant, Camping World, has represented to counsel for the plaintiffs that he and his firm would be representing Lemonis at his deposition, and they would work to coordinate a date and time for his deposition.

“Therefore, plaintiffs relied on this representation and attempted to coordinate a date and time that worked for Mr. Lemonis. Several dates were thrown around, and originally Oct. 24, 2016, was supposed to be the date, but the date was never confirmed.

“However, at this time, no date has ever been secured, and now counsel for defendant Camping World has become unresponsive when counsel for the plaintiff again reached out to attempt to get dates secured.

“As this has now been going on eight months, and it appears that Camping World is delaying having Mr. Lemonis present himself for his deposition, the plaintiffs are requesting the court’s assistance in scheduling a firm date for the deposition and requiring the attendance of Mr. Lemonis at the deposition,” the complaint read.

Stetler’s attorney is seeking a court order for Lemonis to appear at a deposition within 30 days.

This isn’t the first time Lemonis and Camping World have attempted to delay the case by not responding in a timely manner. Stetler’s attorneys had to go to court in October 2015 to get Camping World to even respond to an amended complaint.

Last February, Stetler’s legal team returned to court to seek an order compelling the testimony of Lemonis’ wife, Ila, who allegedly played a role in having Bellissimo Entities terminate the contract with Stetler’s dealership.

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  1. Wish the courts would subpoena Lemonis. If he doesn’t cooperate, arrest his behind.

  2. You’re my hero. Little bit afraid you’ll get squashed.

  3. Seems like once you are tied to Wall Street, you are above the law.
    My guess is all this will catch up with Lemonis and he will end up in a Federal Country Club like other CEO’s before him.

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