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RVDR’s Terry Cooper: Mending Fences

RVDR’s Terry Cooper: Mending Fences
Evada and Terry Cooper

Do you know what I like about attending conventions and trade shows? It gives you a chance to “mend the fences” in your life.

I wasn’t sure how things were going to go when we came to Las Vegas to attend the 2017 RVDA – RV Dealers International Convention/Expo this week. Las Vegas had some bad memories for me as this is where we lost Rachel, one of four daughters, on July 11. The disease Lupus is such a bad thing and takes our family and friends way to soon.

The other items I was being forced to address were the relationships that had been damaged or strained with our business RV Daily Report.

When Lady E and I purchased RV Daily Report on July 1, we knew we needed to take this online newsletter and RV resource to a new level. It needed go in a different direction and it would require us to pull away from the pack of other publications that it had been running with. For obvious reasons, we needed to expand our revenue base but first we had some relationships, or fences if you will, that needed to be mended.

Over the next few weeks, I will begin to share how Lady E and I will be working to address the many fences we need to mend. We believe there may be the need to build and rebuild full sections of our fence and to tighten things up in other areas. Some of this building and tightening up will done in private and other sections will be done in the open.

We have a lot of post holes to dig and corner posts to set. We are part of an industry that is going have bumper crop in 2018. The only way we are going to get our product to market for consumers to enjoy is by having those strong relationships to hold and support us as we roll through 2018.

I want to encourage you as you are going about your business and you are wrapping up a conversation to look that person straight in the eye and ask them “What can I do for you?”.

You need to really listen to their comments as you will be getting the raw truth of where they are coming from. Your response to their comments is how you will begin to mend your fences and fix the situation that will help you build the  relationships necessary to grow your business.

Well, I had better find those pliers and gloves that I have behind the seat of the pickup ….. I have fencing to tend to…. Visit with you later.


Terry Cooper – The Texas RV Professor and RV Ambassador of Texas





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About Terry Cooper

Terry Cooper, also known as the Texas RV Professor, is the owner and publisher of RV Daily Report. He is also the president of the National RV Inspectors Association, and the managing director of the National RV Training Academy. He and his wife, Evada, live full-time in an RV and travel the nation teaching technical skills to consumers and professional technicians through the Mobile RV Academy.


  1. Cooper, we love your honestly and openness. Thank you for sharing and for always thinking of how you can help others, how you can serve others and for being an excellent leader in our Industry.

  2. My association and experiences with the Coopers and NRVIA has always given me the impression they are all about helping others. Yes, some past rantings on RV Daily Report could warrant ‘fence mending,’ but they don’t reflect the Coopers’ way. Best wishes for success setting posts, stringing wire.

  3. That’s one way to get your PhD (post hole digger)
    Best regards Terry

    John (972) 849-7404
    @ Motorhomes

  4. We have nothing but great admiration for you guys. . .keeping it real.

  5. I have been a fan of the Coopers for a while now. Always caring and sharing is their nature. We know your fences will stay strong and upright for the good of the herd, ranchers and neighbors as well. Remember to leave the gate to the watering hole open and keep the light on for travelers finding their way. .. they’ll be along shortly 😉