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RV Business: Panel zeros in on customer needs

RV Business: Panel zeros in on customer needs

ELKHART — A six-person panel that included two RV manufacturers, two suppliers and two dealers touched on customer service and other hot-button issues, anchoring the second half of Thursday’s RV Industry Power Breakfast at the RV/MH Hall of Fame, RV Business reported

In front of an audience numbering over 850 as well as those watching online via a livestream broadcast, the panelists stressed the need for the entire industry to focus on delivering an improved customer experience if it is to retain the influx of new buyers, most of whom are Millennials and GenXers.

All panelists agreed the state of the RV market is strong and there appeared to be no warning signs that would constrict its short-term momentum.

The full story is available at RV Business.

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Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.


  1. Mark Masterman

    Lemon Laws and Consumer Litigation against the manufacturers WILL slow growth. With the ever increase in housing cost the industry does have the benefit of having a built in client base of people looking for alternatives to the standard home but the gross lack of quality and service/repair could even stem this flow. The industry needs desperately to make good first impressions.

  2. Ancient Mariner

    “the Industry” needs to look to the after-purchase experience. Not repairs, not warranty, but what are all these Millenials and Gen-Xers going to do with the RV after they get it home? Campgrounds, RV Parks, and the federal, state and local park systems need to be included in these discussions.
    With more and more campgrounds becoming mobile home parks with permanently parked RV’s, or work-camps with construction laborers taking up all the spaces, and the campgrounds themselves converting RV spaces into camping cabins, the weekend RVer could become a thing of the past, with a large investment sitting in the backyard because there is no place to go.

  3. I’ve said for several years that manufacturers =need= to slow down production a few units per day and spend that time in building the ones that =do= come down the line are built better. Follow that up with =real= customer service and not sweep problems under the rug. With the Internet, that one unit out of 5,000 that has major issues, is the one that millions of potential customers will read about; not the other 4,999 that had no, or very few, issues. Then, they need to follow up on those with major problems with exceptional customer service and avoid the “you’re out of warranty” or “that doesn’t fall under our warranty” garbage. What RV owners are faced with in this arena would =kill= the auto industry if they operated like the RV industry does. You can jump on any RV-related forum and find these true horror stories.

  4. Guys,

    It feels like most businesses in the country forgot the lessons taught in Marketing 101. “Word-Of-Mouth gives you AWESOME customers – Customers acquired through Word-Of-Mouth spend 200% more than the average customer and make 2x as many referrals themselves.” One bad review impacts hundreds of good ones. Why wouldn’t you try to resolve any negative issue fast to get that good word of mouth which generates sales. Producing a quality product and going the extra mile to resolve issues ALWAYS is the best solution

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