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RV Business: Industry giants address Kidde recall

RV Business: Industry giants address Kidde recall

LAS VEGAS — An industry solution to the massive recall of Kidde brand fire extinguishers found in millions of RV units seems to be in sight, officials told at the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo at Bally’s in Las Vegas.

While it’s still very much a fluid situation, within the next week or so a special online portal will be created that RV dealers can use to accommodate consumers responding to the recall, said David Mihalick, senior director of vehicle safety and regulatory compliance for Thor Industries Inc., and Leo Akins, Forest River Inc.’s director of Quality Assurance, Codes & Standard.

Read the full article at RV Business.

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  1. They are pulling all stops in order to survive. Not sure just how welcome my Montana would really be. Related, we stopped at a new CG recently. It had the age restrictions that is seen more often but also did not permit TTs. I thought it strange a class b was OK but not a TT. Keeps the price up which I’m fine with, but I’m just as happy with a popup beside me as with a Prevost. Prices at CGs are going to rise which is good for all. When fuel prices go up another $1.50 or more again also, there will be less pressure on reservations.

  2. The KJidde recall is not a big deal as far as the end consumer is concerned. Go to the Kidde web site, find the form and fill it in. You will then be told after clicking the submit button if the extinguisher(s) you have are affected or not. I have three FC110 models, that they accepted as being in the recall and one (also FC110)which is older then 2007 which they claim is not. For less then 20 bucks at Walmart or Home Depot, I’ve replaced it anyhow. I’m now waiting for my other three, due in about 10 days.

    • My motorhome (Forest River) came with a Kidde extinguisher that is sold in Canada (I’m in the US). Here’s the rub; the extinguisher is on the Canadian recall list but doesn’t exist on the US list. Kidde Canada does not ship to the US and Kidde US will not ship to Canada. I had to tell the US recall people that I bought the extinguisher in Canada to get them to OK the replacement and ship me a new one to Texas. Its now been 2 weeks and no extinguisher as promised. Not sure if I will get the promised item or not.