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Podcast 156 features Tide Turners author Cardiff Hall

Podcast 156 features Tide Turners author Cardiff Hall

This week’s guest isn’t directly connected to the RV industry, but he’s very interested in helping people reach their full potential.

Cardiff Hall recently published a book called Tide Turners to help people turn the tide in their lives by taking more control over the direction they are heading.

Author Cardiff D. Hall

He offers practical strategies to help people maneuver through life’s ups and downs in order to experience more joy and peace, and to plot a course for sustained achievement.

Hall offers practical advice on why it’s not always a good idea to remain stuck in a comfort zone. He also provides some tips on how to jump start a lackluster life and begin sailing in a new direction.

It’s widely said that the person you’ll be five years from now is directly related to the books you read and the people with whom you associate today. That’s why listening to positive and influential people like Cardiff Hall is so important.

He believes a lot of people today are trapped in a rut, perhaps several ruts, and they really wish they could have more control of their lives to experience more joy and a higher sense of purpose.

Hall believes that, many times, people have a mindset that prevents them from finding their true calling. As a result, they stumble into careers that wind up being unfulfilling and lead to dead-end jobs.

He created a special assessment tool to help people determine if they are Tide Turners or Beach Combers. The free assessment can be accessed at (Editor’s note: Shortly after this podcast was completed, we learned there was a technical issue impacting that website. The assessment is also available at

For information about getting coaching from Cardiff Hall, visit

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