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Podcast 151: Chris Patton with Your Christian Faith At Work

Podcast 151: Chris Patton with Your Christian Faith At Work

Editor’s note: This podcast was originally broadcast on Sept. 15, 2017. However, it was not flagged by the website as being a podcast, so it was never widely distributed. It was republished Sept. 22 in hope others will enjoy the information.

This week’s guest is Chris Patton, an automobile dealer from La Grange, Ga., who has developed a unique blog called Christian Faith at Work.

He helps business owners of all types leverage their businesses for what he calls eternal rewards. He’s the author of 67 Proven Ways to Integrate Your Faith into Business Without Being Pushy.

Faith-based business owners are facing some pretty tremendous challenges today with threats of boycotts, legal action and other retaliation for sharing their faith publicly.

Patton describes ways business owners can incorporate their faith in day-to-day operations by creating a positive culture for all employees and customers. The key to creating a culture is to be open and honest about the faith pillars upon which the business is built.

His dealership employs a corporate chaplain who has had significant influence in the workplace by helping employees through tough situations in their personal lives which, if not addressed, could impact work performance in a negative way,

He talks about the benefits and advantages of incorporating faith into business operations, and describes resources he makes available free of charge to help other faith-based business owners integrate their faith into the workplace.

The RV industry has been very open about its faith roots. It’s one of the few industries in America that incorporates a prayer breakfast into its largest gathering of the year.

The Mennonite Amish have really impacted the RV industry over the years, and it’s not uncommon to see horse-drawn buggies transporting people all around the Elkhart area, where most of the RVs are made. There are a surprising number of dedicated faith-based RV dealerships and suppliers working in the RV industry today.

People like Patton should be applauded for boldly standing on their faith and using the businesses as a platform to share it with others in a way that isn’t preachy or pushy.

A lot of people have a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world today, and faith-based business owners have an opportunity to serve as a lighthouse in what’s becoming a pretty dark world.

The idea of building a business on faith-based principles rather than profit at all cost is particularly appealing to consumers as it goes a long way toward establishing essential trust for a long-term business relationship.

For more information, business owners can visit to check out some of the free resources that Patton makes available. He’s also available to speak at a major industry events.

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Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.


  1. Chris
    Very well done. Thank you for sharing and for being a light in the business world.

  2. Fantastic Chris,

    I love to see and hear business leaders that are open about their Christian Faith. A true Follower of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


    Thank you for the podcast.