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Podcast 143 features Ford RV Refrigeration Center

Roger and Onna Lee Ford are the founders of Ford RV Refrigeration Training Center, a company in Benton, Kentucky, that has been providing a valuable service to RV owners for many years that is underreported and often underappreciated.

Roger is an experienced refrigerator technician who decided to focus on absorption refrigerators commonly used in RVs after learning that nobody fixes them. The common solution to a broken RV refrigerator is to throw the old one away and buy a new unit. So, he figured out how to diagnose typical problems and then implement repairs that cost significantly less money that buying a new refrigerator.

Working together, the Fords have created a nationwide network of RV refrigerator repair technicians and centers that operate under the radar of RV dealerships – and their business is booming.

On the show, the Fords provide a little history behind the training center and explain the services they provide to RV owners as well as talk about a business opportunity available in absorption refrigerator repair.

RV owners interested in getting a refrigerator repaired and people interested in a business opportunity that enjoys virtually no competition can check out the services and training programs offered by the Ford RV Refrigeration Training Center by visiting

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  1. I have been reconditioning RV refrigerators for many years prior to enrolling in the Ford’s school. I knew of the Ford’s when I started but the logistics of attending the training they provide was too much to overcome so I sought training elsewhere and let me tell you the Ford Procedures are better and they work. If a mistake is made it is not the procedures it was the human not following the procedures correctly. When I sought training from the Ford’s I had my doubts and didn’t know what to expect but the first words spoken when I walked through the door was, “We are glad that you are here”. The training is great and just about anybody can do it but the real blessing is meeting the awesome people, Roger and Onna Lee Ford.

  2. Thank you Steve S. It was a pleasure training you but most of all, we are blessed to have an ongoing friendship with you and many of our other former students. Together we provide a quality product and service that makes the RV owner happy and we have built such a wonderful trust with them over the years. We love that many have contacted us with praise about the quality product and service they received from those who have been trained by Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center. Now as they travel, they are spreading the word and when they have other problems arise, they are looking for someone else we trained in the area they are in at the time. We look forward to working with many more technicians and RV owners in the future. GBYAY!