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Podcast 140: Mobile Sleep Components

Podcast 140: Mobile Sleep Components

Podcast 140 begins with an announcement that RV Daily Report has been sold and what it will mean for the publication and industry going forward.

Today’s guest is Jonathan Prichard, the founder of Mobile Sleep Components, a company that makes mattresses specifically for RVs.

As a general rule, mattresses that come standard on RVs aren’t usually the most comfortable and they don’t last long.
Many people who buy new or especially pre-owned RVs often buy a new mattress right away.

It is for that reason that Prichard encourages RV dealers to offer mattresses to their customers and he explains reasons why they make great aftermarket items.

He also offers advice to dealers on what to look for when choosing a mattress supplier.

Prichard even offers tips on ways to market and promote mattress sales while providing advice on how to close more mattress deals.

While many people are content to go down to the local mattress store to get one for the RV, he explains why it is better to purchase an RV-specific mattress and why buying one made in America is important.

Mobile Sleep Components layers the foam in its mattresses by using different materials with different densities to make the mattresses stronger and better able to withstand the rigors of RV travel.

That’s especially true of the changing temperatures that RVs are subject to. An average household mattress is brought into a home and never leaves. It remains at a constant temperature.

Not RV mattresses. They can go into areas where its 120 degrees and they can be left in storage at below freezing temperatures.

Dealers interested in partnering with Mobile Sleep Components are encouraged to visit or email

Before RV dealers start selling mattresses, they will want to read this article from Mobile Sleep Components:

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