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Podcast 137: WiFi Ranger SkyPro

Podcast 137: WiFi Ranger SkyPro

This week’s podcast focuses on one of the more troubling aspects of the RV lifestyle which pertains to difficulty connecting to the Internet while on the road.  The episode starts by putting the problem in perspective from an RV owner’s point of view and that of a campground owner.

Then, this week’s guest provides information on a new product that can help RVers enjoy better connections – whether using wireless or cellular data. Evan Sorenson is a brand developer for WiFi Ranger – one of the first companies in the RV industry to sell equipment to help RV owners tap into stronger internet signals.

WiFi Ranger has been around for several years. In fact, I had a WiFi Ranger on my motorhome when I was touring America full time for three years. I even updated the equipment to take advantage of better technology. What helps RVers is the fact the WiFi Ranger antenna is located outside the RV, which allows the device to pick up stronger signals than are normally received inside the RV.

A cable then delivers the signal to a device inside the RV that disperses it to various users. WiFi Ranger’s new SkyPro device works to boost wireless connections, while tapping into multiple cellular carriers to deliver a more consistent experience.

It is a big benefit for full-time and seasonal RVers who often have more than one cell phone carrier out of necessity anyway. That way if the campground wireless is overloaded, the system automatically flips to T-Mobile and if that doesn’t work, it flips to Verizon, etc.

Sorenson describes how the new Sky Pro system works and what sets it apart from other systems on the market. He also explains what RV dealers can do to help customers connect while traveling and the good news is that it doesn’t require stocking a bunch of product.

For more information about WiFi Ranger’s SkyPro, visit

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