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Podcast 136 features Wayne Brubaker, RV Ad Pros

Podcast 136 features Wayne Brubaker, RV Ad Pros

Episode 136 begins with a discussion of today’s RV Industry Power Breakfast which attracted 800 live guests and 50 online viewers. A number of challenges were addressed by key industry leaders during the mid-selling season pep talk, and updates provided to changing demographics.

The industry realizes if it wants to capitalize an all the opportunities presenting themselves today, it’s going to take leadership, commitment and dedication to make it happen. Those who rise to accept the challenge, will, indeed, reap a hearty harvest of sales and goodwill for many years to come.

Today’s guest is Wayne Brubaker, the founder of RV Ad Pros, a San Diego company working with dealers across the nation to improve their digital marketing and online outreach to consumers.

Brubaker got started in the industry by producing 20,000 commercials for dealers. Today, he is embracing video as a way for dealers to tell stories that consumers love to watch, whether it is about products they sell, their businesses in general or the RV lifestyle as a whole.

He recently attended the Digital Dealer Conference and provides some interesting feedback about new trends in digital advertising and social media, as well as how consumers are engaging businesses online rather than face-to-face.

Brubaker explains that people would much rather watch videos online than read information online. And he offers tips on how to make video work for any RV dealership. He also addresses the changing algorithms imposed by search engines and social media sites and what that means for businesses that want their firms to appear at the top of the list for search results.

There is no question that video is becoming the premier marketing tool for businesses to reach consumers. Part of it has to do with so many people cutting the cord on cable and satellite TV that they are now able to use ultra-high speed internet connections to get their entertainment online – and that includes watching hours of videos.

Dealers would be wise to partner with RV Ad Pros not only to produce quality video ads, but to tap into the company’s extensive video library which gives visitors a taste as to what a particular RV looks like so they can be enticed to visit the dealership for a more hands-on buying experience.

Brubaker said RV Ad Pros specializes in building solutions to RV dealers’ everyday problems. It would be worth the investment to check out the website to learn more. For more information, visit

A video about RV Ad Pros is available on YouTube.

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