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Podcast 135: Spencer Cavins from Wheelbase

Podcast 135: Spencer Cavins from Wheelbase

This week’s guest is Spencer Cavins, the director of dealer solutions for Wheelbase, a company based in San Francisco that provides software RV rental dealers need to run their businesses.

Cavins explains why most RV rental management software has not been web-enabled and why it often lacks key features and other components, like mobile applications, that make it more difficult for rental dealers to manage their fleets.

He describes how the idea for Wheelbase came about and how it can be used to embrace the rapidly emerging private rental business, too. The company recently partnered with Outdoorsy, a company that is gaining a lot of traction in the private rental arena.

Wheelbase also partnered with Coach-Net to provide people who rent RVs with emergency roadside assistance and general how-to support during their trips.

Cavins spends some time talking about the sharing economy and how millennials are big into sharing RVs rather than owning them.

He notes that RV rentals will be a huge market for the industry in years to come as demand won’t be changing or going away any time soon. It just seems that younger people would rather pay a few thousand dollars to rent an RV for a week or two than they would to make monthly payments, pay for insurance, storage and worry about repairs.

Dealers who aren’t renting RVs already should give serious consideration to offering this service to RV users. Many dealers would rather rent out their own fleets, but Cavins makes a strong argument that the ability to buy an RV and rent it out to others to help cover the monthly costs of ownership would be a big sales incentive.

For more information about the Wheelbase software and how easy it is to manage reservations, whether by phone or online, visit

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