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Podcast 132: Scott Willingham with MindWire

Podcast 132: Scott Willingham with MindWire

This week’s guest is Scott Willingham, vice president and partner at MindWire, a company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., that is engaged in behavioral science and workforce analytics.

Using a simple eight-minute test, MindWire can show how people are hard-wired with specific personality, management and influencing traits that can help hiring managers better determine whether a person is ideally suited for a specific job or promotion.

The company also offers cognitive testing that analyzes a person’s willingness to learn and adapt to new procedures or ideas. Another MindWire tool involves sales and leadership assessments. This type of testing allows companies to “remove the mask” that is often in place when people interview for a job.

The science is mind blowing in how responses to simple word choices can be fed into a computer where complex algorithms can zero in on key words to accurately predict how a person is likely to work, relate to people and manage others.

Many companies have likely hired what a manager suspected was going to be an incredible fit for the organization based on words appearing in a resume and how the person conducted himself or herself in an interview, only to find out that it was all fluff and marketing.

The behavioral science and workforce analytics provided by MindWire cuts through all the spit and polish to give a snapshot into the way a person is hardwired to think and behave.

For more information, visit www.mindwiregroup.com.

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