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Podcast 129 features Air Lift Company

Podcast 129 features Air Lift Company

This week’s guest is Ryan Feyer, the marketing manager for Air Lift Company, which has been producing air spring suspensions in the RV industry for many years.

At the National RV Trade Show last year, the company introduced a LoadLifter 7500 ultimate spring kit that delivers 7,500 pounds of load-leveling capacity in addition to an internal jounce bumper. All of this is designed to make towing an RV much easier.

Feyer explains how air suspension works when towing RVs and what the company does to specifically engineer the equipment to work on a variety of trucks.

The company got its start developing suspension systems for racecars to help drivers better navigate curves on racetracks. Since then, RVs are just one additional application that can benefit from using the system to better navigate bumpy roads and winding highways.

Products like Air Lift’s air spring kits can really take the stress out of driving, and that makes the entire RVing experience much more fun.

So, people who enjoy frequent RVing or traveling great distances towing their RVs should look into investing in this type of air suspension that works to keep the RV level, especially when going around corners. They’ll notice the difference immediately and will be very appreciative of the investment.

For more information about Air Lift Company and its LoadLifter air spring kits, visit

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