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Podcast 126: Jason Buckles, BOLT Locks

Podcast 126: Jason Buckles, BOLT Locks

Editor’s note: This episode originally aired Feb. 12, 2017. However, we failed to flag it as a podcast, so it never made it to iTunes and Stitcher Radio. We republished it March 2 to ensure that it got the proper exposure it deserves. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Today’s guest is Jason Buckles, with BOLT, a unique company that makes locks which allow people to use their car keys to open the locks. That means RVers don’t need a half-dozen keys for their hitch locks, cable locks and padlocks.  They just insert their car key, twist it and it sets the tumblers to match.

It’s brilliant technology and should be embraced by the RV industry because it is well known that the same keys used to open one RV are often able to open other RVs in the same campground.

Buckles is the company’s web marketing analyst and developer who handles all of the company’s social media. He comes on the show to explain how the technology works and how RV manufacturers could embrace it to improve security of RVs, but also to show how RV owners can benefit now by using the locking technology.

For more information about BOLT, or to watch a video of the locking technology in action, visit

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