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Podcast 119: Curtis Coleman, RVillage founder

Podcast 119: Curtis Coleman, RVillage founder

This week’s guest is Curtis Coleman, the founder of RVillage, a website that works to connect RVers with others either in their hometowns or wherever they travel. Coleman was interviewed for Episode 13, which means it has been three years since he appeared on the show, and there are plenty of changes that have taken place at RVillage.

First, he offers an update on the membership of RVillage, which as of today numbers 53,173 people. He also explains the different membership levels currently being offered.

RVillage just opened a new display at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, and he explains how that came about. But, he also outlines new programs to expand the RVillage marketplace, which will be of interest to RV dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and campgrounds, too.

RVillage is a great time-saver in that when planning a trip to an area, members can see where other RVers are in that area. That way they can reach out to the natives who live there or people who are already in the area to find out what’s the best things to do while visiting.

For more information on RVillage, check out www.rvillage.com.

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  1. You need to clarify the membership numbers. Are they counting all people who have registered or active users? You are required as a visitor to register just to access the website so that “member” number is a bit of a fudge. Last time I logged in, last year, it was not a very active forum.

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