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Podcast 118: Rob Willard with MaintainMyRV.com

Podcast 118: Rob Willard with MaintainMyRV.com

Fusion June 2016 160x600Today’s guest is Rob Willard, founder of MaintainMyRV.com. It’s a new website and application that helps RV owners stay on top of required and routine maintenance.

Normally, when people buy an RV, they are handed a huge box of owner’s manuals. In them are lists of maintenance items and schedules owners must keep in the backs of the minds.

Maintain My RV allows owners – or an RV dealer – to enter all the vehicle information once. Then it sends reminder alerts when it is time to complete some type of maintenance. It automatically knows the recommended maintenance items and schedule for all major RV manufacturers and component suppliers. It works whether people own a motorhome or a towable.

Another area where Maintain My RV may be invaluable to RV dealers is in maintaining rental fleets.  It can alert them to scheduled maintenance so they can plan the best time to bring the RV off the road for service.

Best of all, everyone gets a free trial to see how it works. For more information, visit www.maintainmyrv.com.

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