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Podcast 117: JG Lubricant Services

Fusion June 2016 160x600Today’s guest is Tom Johnson, the president and co-founder of JG Lubricant Services. He was a guest last year talking about the service his firm provides to inspectors with the National RV Inspectors Association.

This year, he asked to come back on the show to talk about how his company can really help RV dealers and mobile technicians better serve their customers by using fluid analysis to show the actual condition of an engine or transmission.

What makes this interview special is that he’s going to explain the results of a fluid analysis that had been completed on RV Daily Report Editor Greg Gerber’s motorhome in late August. He uses those results to describe what the reports can indicate about the condition of a motorhome, or any vehicle for that matter.

Dealers and mobile service technicians – as well as RV-do-it-yourselfers – could benefit from having fluid analysis completed on the engine, transmission, radiator and generator, especially before buying a new or used RV.

Johnson provided copies of the report referenced on the show so listeners can see what an actual report looks like.

To view the oil analysis, visit http://rvdailyreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/JG-Lubricant-Oil-Analysis.pdf

To view the transmission fluid analysis, visit http://rvdailyreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/JG-Lubricant-Transmission-Analysis.pdf

For more information about JG Lubricant Services, visit www.jglubricantservices.com

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Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.

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