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Podcast 104: Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

Fusion June 2016 160x600This week’s guest is a man who has made a living out of helping others enjoy the beauty of RVing in Baja, California. For those not quite familiar with Baja, it’s not a city in The Golden State. It’s the finger of land in far west Mexico that extends south of San Diego.

Dan Goy and his wife, Lisa, have been leading tours to the area for decades. Their company, Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, leads people on adventures that range from four weeks to six weeks in length. The escorted tours visit places the Goys know to be safe – and beautiful.

He describes the tours they operate, what types of experiences the RVers enjoy, and what it costs to partake in an enjoyable vacation.

Goy also addresses some common concerns regarding safety in Baja, issues crossing the border and how experienced RVers can make money serving as wagonmasters by leading their own Baja Amigos tours.

Many RVers wouldn’t consider venturing into Mexico on their own, but joining an organized caravan of RVers led by someone who has been there many times before is often very appealing.

Mexico gets a bad rap for some of the violence and crime in the country, but when people look at a map, Baja California is rather isolated from the main part of Mexico.

Baja Amigos works hard to keep everyone together and the wagonmasters communicate with guests throughout the trip to alert them to issues or problems they may encounter, which helps reduce stress for people traveling in a foreign country where a different language is spoken.

For more information about experiencing the beauty and culture of Baja California, visit the Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours website by visiting www.bajaamigos.net.

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