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Podcast 102: Escapees’ Travis and Melanie Carr

Podcast 102: Escapees’ Travis and Melanie Carr

Podcast episode 102 starts with a brief discussion of the popularity of the RV Death Spiral series and the fact that nearly 80,000 people have already read the articles.

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This week’s guests are Travis and Melanie Carr, the incoming president and vice president of the Escapees Club. Participants at this year’s Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont, were shocked to learn at the opening ceremony Sunday that long-time President Cathie Carr and her husband, Bud, were stepping down from their leadership positions.

Travis and Melanie come on the show and explain what’s changed and who is in charge of what going forward. It should be a smooth transition with Travis having grown up with the club and both he and Melanie working together to launch the Xcapers group a year ago.

They describe the work being done by Escapees to attract younger members and where Travis and Melanie see the club moving in 2017 and beyond. They also touch on some new services offered this year, including a new mapping tool and a job board to help working RVers make money on the road.

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