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NTP-STAG Model Store and Idea Center showcases the future of retailing

NTP-STAG Model Store and Idea Center showcases the future of retailing

LAS VEGAS — One of the most popular exhibits at the RV Dealers International Convention & Expo Las Vegas, Nevada, this week was NTP-STAG’s Retail Tech and Idea Center, a special display of technology, design and merchandise combined into a model store that demonstrates what’s possible at RV dealerships.

“The display was born out of a request from the RVDA board to do something a little different with store merchandising, so we put our team to work to come up with something for dealers,” said NTP-STAG’s John Spaulding.

Some of the ideas–such as the mobile point-of-purchase display—took common technology and adapted it to new uses. Small screens located at the ends of store aisles allow customers and salespeople to scan for product prices and check out on the spot. “The technology behind it isn’t new, but it’s not used much in our industry,” says Spaulding.

Another display demonstrated how a dealership can use inexpensive cameras and virtual-reality headsets to allow customers to walk through the dealership’s store without leaving ever leaving their homes.

The model store also featured digital price tags that automatically detect and display updates whenever price changes are entered into the computer.

Spaulding said the future of retailing lies in the omnichannel concept, which is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.

NTP-STAG’s Parts Via connection helps dealers connect brands, through a unique network, to retail outlets and consumers. Parts Via is a web-based solution, which Spaulding noted creates a seamless transaction environment built over a supply chain network and infrastructure to deliver products in most of North America the next day. The solution, he said, provides consumers with the convenience of purchasing products online and then choosing to have them shipped to a dealership, or even their homes, and if they so desire, arrange to have them installed by a qualified vendor–all in the same transaction.

Dealers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of keeping their stores updated and appealing, added Spaulding. “If the average customer’s RV purchase cycle is about four years, what do you do during those years? You sell them accessories in the store. It’s the only part of the dealership that connects you to them between big purchases.”

SOURCE: RVDA press release and Ronnie Garrett

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