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New Gentron Titanium 4.0 built-in generator released

New Gentron Titanium 4.0 built-in generator released

The Gentron Titanium Series generator will be introduced at the 2009 National RV Trade Show.CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. — Universal Product Concepts Inc. announced the release of its Gentron Titanium Series generators.

The first of the series is the Titanium 4.0. Besides significant cost savings
relative to its competitors, the Gentron unit has a fuel-injected engine, and includes a wireless remote start as standard.

Advantages of fuel injection:

  • Longer engine life
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Improved performance at higher altitude
  • Cleaner emission


  • Easy to install into standard gen compartment
  • Quick setup with included wireless remote
  • Includes 25’ wire harness with control panel
  • Standard maintenance access panels
  • Standard mounting points

Universal Product has started receiving orders, with first shipments going out in January. “The response and feedback from customers and dealers has been overwhelmingly positive” said Jordan Kahf, company chief operating officer.

Universal Product Concepts will be show-casing its Gentron Titanium generator at the upcoming National RV Trade Show Dec. 1 to 3 in Booth  B109 in the South Hall of the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Ky.

For  more information, visit

SOURCE: Universal Product Concepts press release

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  1. UPC is and Import/Export business. Period. The website leads you to belive that UPC ‘manufactures’ products. I’d stay away from them as this is obviuously a cheap knock off. How much will you save when you are camping in the summer with this Onan knock off and it doesn’t run? Based upon Jordans answers, theres a servicing dealer on every corner. Buyer beware.

  2. Dear “RVowner”

    Please excuse the long response, as I will take this opportunity to explain this for the public to read.

    We welcome all feedback and love to dialog with our customers or potential customers.

    However, I am not sure what you based your “buyer beware” comment on? These units have not hit the consumer level yet, as they are making their way down the supply-chain. So it is impossible that you’ve tried one out yet. Your strong comments & quick judgments lead me to believe you are here with a pre-determined agenda. It would be nice if you at least identified your name, as I did. I’d be happy to continue the discussion in person.

    Your approach aside, you do raise some legitimate concerns.

    1. My reference to major brands using Chinese-made components was not intended to knock-down these brands. But rather to show that China, given the right business ingredients, can produce quality products. I suggest you ask your Onan rep where their portables/components are made, and ask Generac where their inverter units are made.

    2. Onan provides quality products, with great service. They are king in the industry; that is undisputed. However, they have gone for decades with no real competition. Our great capitalist economy (ehhim) allows for open competition, and that is what we intend to do.

    3. If UPC/Gentron was only looking for a “cheap” product offering, why would we bother engineering a fuel-injected unit? We can simply offer a basic carburetor-unit, which costs less.

    4. We are now upto 970 service centers. You can call our toll-free number, offer your warranty info, and they will locate the closest center for you.

    5. Of course UPC is an importer. We do not claim to manufacture on U.S. soil. However, we are owned by the manufacturing plant for these products. We are 1 company, somewhat similar to how Onan is owned by Cummins. A typical importer has several layers of cost, less QC, and lower accountability. This is not the case with UPC/Gentron products.

    At some point, I think it might be a good idea to have an independent industry organization run performance tests on all brands in the RV market, and provide results based on actual performance, unbiased by country of origin. This would help us continuously improve our product, and help consumers make a more informed decision.

    Jordan Kahf
    UPC Inc.

  3. Sir,
    The Titanium product is what this article references. This is a Onan Microquiet knockoff.
    You mislead by stating that 50% of Onan components are Chinese mfg and that is not true.
    You service site shows roughly 120 ‘dealers” one a pawnshop in the US.
    Yes, my agenda is that I disagree with substandard products that are copies sold in the US.
    I would love this “Titanium” to be tested next to an Onan. Under load, ith a high ambient temp, let’s see the results.
    There is not any Chinese products made that come close to the same quality as the US version.
    From dog food to lead toys to the junk Home Depot sells.
    You took a great American made product, copied it and thus, based upon my experience with Chinese mfg products, is why is said buyer beware.

    If you desire to get into a market, fine. Design and mfg your own stand alone product. Don’t copy. That’s my beef. That is not capitalism.
    Good luck-hope you sell a million of these.

  4. Hello Jim,

    Thank you for your post. Please feel free to contact me directly so we may talk to you about our service program.


    800-894-1179 Ext: 402

  5. Hello Jim,

    Thank you for your post. Please feel free to contact me directly so I may talk to you about our service program.


    800-894-1179 Ext: 402

  6. Hi,

    Have had several customers inquire about Gentron.
    I was attempting to get up to speed on them.

    The post that claims 900 service centers does
    seem to be inflated. Would like to see a state
    by state listing if it is in fact a valid number.

    We are a full service power equipment dealer.
    After 55 years plus we have seen this scenario
    before. Example is LCT breaking away from Stens.

    Bottom line is if you can’t work on it yourself you
    need to be comfortable somebody else will be able to.

    Hopefully we can get a response from “Gentron”.

  7. After One Year I have been looking for JUST ONE ITEM — The “Wire Diagram” I need it so bad ! I have 5

    wires that detached from the Harness inside the Box And Haven’t been able to START IT !

    Please! Please! If you can just send a Copy in 8 X 10 Fax I would really thank you!

    Send to me by FAX 1-562-425-4212

    Thanks John Leyden

  8. Need a Readable 8×10 Wire Diagram for The Gentron Titanium Series 4.0

    Really need it Well moved it and the wires Pulled out of the Connectors that are inside the Cover on the left hand side —– Have about 5 wires Have no Idea where they go !

    Can anyone help me ! The Small wire Diagram in the Manual ” Can not read at all even when I made enlargement still cant read it or if anyone can send a Photo in that area of the Connectors ” WIRE CODE” “Black with Whit Strip” and Black, White,—- One small plug has 2 wires in and 2 Out” need Colors—- on the Big PLUG Think it had 6 or 8 Wires— Need the colors(incoming) on that one for the Bottom 2 Wires on that White Plug they pulled out (out going) Colors.
    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it a Million.
    John Leyden
    My Fax # 1-562-425-4212 Cell is 1-562-260-6525

  9. I have purchased a used unit and need some info and possibly parts i am in canada where do i go ?