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NASCAR legend boycotts Camping World

NASCAR legend boycotts Camping World

DAYTONA, Fla. — NASCAR legend Mark Martin had an order in place with Camping World — the title sponsor for NASCAR’s truck series — for a $150,000, presumably for a beautiful new RV, NESN reported.

But then Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis, in response to president Donald Trump’s controversial post-Charlottesville, Va., rhetoric, invited supporters of Trump’s remarks to shop elsewhere. Now, the company is without one of its most high-profile customers.

The full story can be viewed at NESN.com.

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  1. Bravo! And isn’t it “Mark Martin”

    • It is Mark. I worked for a Mike Martin once and he will always remain a legend to me. Sorry for the error. It has been corrected.

  2. Concur…BRAVO Mark Martin! Lemonis should keep his cancerous opinions to himself. I’m hopeful Mark’s boycott effectively hits Lemonis where it hurts most. Any open-minded human being (not vying for votes or paid to bash the “right”) could see that President Trump was dead-nuts accurate. Very few in our country can tolerate the ignorance of Klan or the Brotherhood…those in “the IQ below 72 club.” But the others there started the fighting. Why should our president be bashed for simply telling the truth? Because it’s popular to call honest Americans racists. I hated what I saw on TV and I was embarrassed by the way the purported peaceful minded folks acted. Maybe they forgot about the 1st Amendment!

  3. Being PC is what put the US in the terrible shape it is in.

  4. Did Mark cancel his order or not? I read the update posted around 3pm and said he removed the tweet….I have read the words and watched the clip in which Lemonis said not to shop in his stores if you agreed with the President….l for one plan to take him up on this

  5. Let’s be fair…I can only assume Lemonis get his news at CNN, or MSNBC or any of several other networks that seem only to spew non-stop Trump-bashing. Trump couldn’t say anything what would elicit a positive comment from any of them…with the singular exception of FOX. My wife are just getting back from a 5 month MH trip….for weeks we could only get CNN or some other the other bashers. Being a faithful FOX listener, I was blown away at the vicious, and constant sputum flowing like some of the water falls we were enjoying at the time. Bottom line, anyone who believes in “Garbage In-Garbage Out” axiom, needs to be sure their news/info comes from a reliable, or at least, a minimally honest source. Poor Lemonis lives in his own little world–Camping World–and with a few more comments like he made, he could end up being the sole resident of the place!

  6. I hope everyone stops shopping there n Marcus ends up bankrupt

  7. I just bought my last RV from Camping World never again

  8. Camping World is sponsoring a large off-road motorcycle event called The Big Nasty. BOYCOTT THE BIG NASTY!

  9. Freedom of speech because I am an American by the grace of God, I never take that for granted. I love this country and my right to never shop at another camping world or any affiliated store. I did not know Lemonis even had a show.

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