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More people drawn to active RVing lifestyle

For many years, the old adage was that people bought RVs when they retired in order to travel and see the country. While that may have been true for many generations – and still is to a large extent – there is a growing population of owners who use RVs to support an active lifestyle. And it’s not just members of the millennial generation who see RV as vehicles for active adventure; people of all ages are using their motorhomes and towables as base camps from which to launch dozens of things to do.

Take Dennis Ohnstad, for example. He’s 66 and recently retired, but you’d never guess by talking to him, if you can entice him to slow down long enough to have a conversation. The Illinois native now claims South Dakota as his residency, but actually feels home is wherever he can park his 2010 Born Free 26RBA motorhome for a night or two.

Read more about how some RVers use their RVs as a base camp from which they do everything from hiking and biking to kayaking, rock climbing and more by clicking the link below.

Active RVing


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