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Looking for Uncle Fred

Looking for Uncle Fred
Evada and Terry Cooper

Do you remember a fella by the name of Paul Harvey? He was probably one of the best story tellers I remember when I was growing up.  I really liked his pieces that he always ended them by using his signature line…. “And Now You Know the Rest of Story.” This guy would feed out clues and little hints to keep you engaged and then he would spring the ending on you. Afterward, somehow you felt smarter knowing that tidbit of information he left you with.

My Uncle Fred was a lot like that.  Uncle Fred would share with us some of his camping, fishing or Navy stories around the campfire that would keep us asking for more. As kids we were always spell bound to hear him tell us a story we probably had heard a hundred times before and we could finish his lines for him. But somehow it was just engaging the last time as it was the 1st time we heard it.

Well RV Daily Report is looking for our very own Paul Harvey or Uncle Fred type of individual or group of individuals that can spin a story and tell the history of their RVing experiences.

Consider this as the Casting Call for the RV Daily Report’s very own Uncle Fred, RV Storyteller Extraordinaire. The RV experience is one of memories made and memories shared. Become part of the family and share your stories as the RV Daily Report Uncle Fred or Aunt Fredwienna (if you happen to be a lady).

If you have an interest in becoming the next Uncle Fred or know someone that fits the profile of an Uncle Fred drop me a line and let’s visit. We have an audience waiting to read or hear your stories.

Terry Cooper – Publisher

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