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Lippert ends exclusive distribution of HSM steps

ELKHART, Ind. — Lippert Components will no longer exclusively distribute RV steps manufactured by HSM Transportation Solutions, formerly Hickory Springs Manufacturing, the company announced today.

LCI is in the process of notifying and changing over its RV manufacturer customer base from the Hickory Step to its own brand of manual steel radius steps and its hybrid aluminum Alumi-Tread Step, which is already standard on many RV brands.

LCI’s Chief Executive Officer Jason Lippert does not expect any adverse impact for its customer base going forward.

“In the end, we believe this move better serves our OEM and aftermarket customers,” said Jason. “We want to make sure that LCI can continue to grow and innovate at the rapid pace that the industry is known for.”

LCI Vice President of RV Sales Andy Murray said this development makes the company more nimble to address industry needs.

“By no longer being tied to an exclusive agreement, we believe we can respond more quickly to customer requirements,” said Murray.

SOURCE: Lippert Components press release

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  1. “No adverse condition’s going forward”. Except for the fact that almost everything they build is junk and their quality control is no-existent. And then, when parts may be required a few years down the road, they charge both arms and a leg for them

  2. It would be very interesting to hear what HSM Transportation Solutions has to say on the subject. They may not send out a press release, but a call to their headquarters for their point of view might provide some counterpoint….

  3. I bet it was HSM that wanted to end the exclusive. Most likely Lippert made a little different version of their own and no longer was pushing HSM’s product. With Lippert having the exclusive and no longer trying to push sales, I bet their numbers were down.

    I have said it before. The only way they keep growing is they keep buying up companies and absorbing their sales. I don’t care what they say their numbers are. Something doesn’t add up with that company, just not sure what.

    HSM is like many companies, once Lippert got their hands in it, things went downhill. It would be interesting to know how many companies it has happened to over the last 10 years.

    • Like Kwikee, Power Gear, Duncan Glass, Dexter axle…….
      Pretty soon no one will be able to afford to own a used RV, as Lippert (Drew Industries) will have the price of replacement parts so high, that people will refuse to repair them. Try pricing out a motor for a LCI hydraulic levelling system. Dealer cost is north of $600, for a motor that on any other type of hydraulic system would cost under $300 RETAIL.

      They are going to corner the market, and soon!