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Lippert Components debuts new waste system

Lippert Components debuts new waste system

GOSHEN, Ind. — Lippert Components today debuted its new waste management system at the Forest River Owners Group rally in Goshen.

The company recently acquired the waste management system from Waste Master. This is the first time it had been marketed as a Lippert product.

RV Tech Trainer Gary Bunzer, the “RV Doctor,” formally introduced the device which is being prototyped on multiple Forest River products this fall. RV buyers will be able to select the Waste Master product as an option in future RV sales, and it will be available as an aftermarket upgrade through RV dealers around the country.

“Campgrounds believe their responsibility for waste management begins at the drain receptacle, and RV makers think their responsibility for waste management ends at the on-board sewer outlet,” said Bunzer. “There is no standardization for RV sewer hoses. Consumers are sort of left to fend for themselves when it comes to emptying RV tanks.

Bunzer told the crowd he has been testing the system for months trying to make the system do what it promises it won’t do — leak.

“I’ve been testing this device hard and I cannot get it to leak or break,” he explained. “This will be the last sewer hose you will ever need.”

There are three components to the Waste Master system:

A secure cam lock — The cam lock replaces the traditional bayonet fittings. The industrial grade cam locks have been used in the liquid transportation industry to transfer things like fuel and milk, Bunzer explained. The hose simply pushes in and locks down. It doesn’t require twisting, which eventually weakens other hoses, he added.

A tough, clean hose — Unlike traditional septic hoses that trap debris between the crevices of the hose, the Waste Master hose is much smoother, limiting the ability to trap debris. The 5-foot uncompressed UV-protected hose folds out to 20 feet, and a soon-to-be-released 20-foot extension hose is also planned.

User-friendly nozzle — The Waste Master nozzle features an integrated easy-grip handle and a clear view port that allows users to ensure that all waste has been completely evacuated from the tanks. The nozzle features a 90-degree discharge port and donut that securely fits into most sewage outlets.

All three elements are combined into one hose. The couplings don’t have to be attached and removed after every use. RVers simply pull it out, plug it in and put it back in an optional plastic sealable container specially designed to ensure the hose doesn’t cause odors to permeate throughout an RV compartment.

The system can be adapted to any RV within 5 minutes, Bunzer said, by simply cutting the nubs off the existing bayonet connection and gluing the new cam lock adapter in place with ABS cement.

The product, which is made in America, comes with a one-year warranty after installation and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $169.


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  1. So, where is the “New Waste System”?

    All I see is another variation on the old “stinky slinky”. A nicer hose, a better joint, an odor-proof garage to hold the thing and a a nicer right angle adapter.

    The user still has to provide a slope for proper dranage. The question of how to rinse out the hose is still unanswered and you have to modify your current equipment and mount the holder someplace.

    I know it’s marketing and Lippert can use anybody they want to to tout the product, but none of that changes the reality that it’s hardly a new system, just some expensive improvements to the old system…

  2. Unless you have seen this system in person it is unfair to minimize the impact this system will have on the way our industry handles waste management. I have followed the company that developed this system and have also written about the one part of RVing that consumers do not look forward to . . . emptying the holding tanks. What is amazing is that the industry has continued to provide cable pull systems with inferior hoses and connections that cause leaking and present environment issues that are finally being addressed appropriately. Nobody can look at the old bayonet systems and then look at the Cam-Loc system used with the Waste Master products and not see the dramatic changes this makes at the sewer connection. Manufacturer and consumer acceptance of this new system will challenge your statements above Tom, and if you have not seen the system, observed the Cam-Loc connection versus a bayonet connection, and looked at the quality then your statements may be premature. Does it cost more? Yes it does. If consumers add up all the money they spend on new hoses and connections and repairs to leaking bayonet connections and then remember the unpleasant incidents that have been associated with emptying holding tanks, they are going to find that the investment in this new technology is going to save them time, money, aggravation, and allow them to handle this task in a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly and secure manner. I think consumers will pay more for the value and peace of mind this system brings to today’s RV consumer.

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