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LCI presents findings of 3D printing study

LCI presents findings of 3D printing study

Elkhart, Ind. — Lippert Components (LCI) recently presented the findings of a study comparing traditional casting methods with that of 3D printing technologies at the 2017 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE) conference.

The study was conducted by LCI Business Systems Analyst, Chitralekha Beniwal, in collaboration with Paul C. Lynch of Pennsylvania State University and Joseph H. Wilck, IV of the College of William & Mary.

The conference publication, titled “Integration of Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing Technology into Metal Casting Industry,” was presented as a continuation of Beniwal’s Master’s research from Penn State University.

The study focuses on the need and feasibility of integration of binder jetting additive manufacturing technology into traditional sand foundries, industry output, cost analysis and future scope.

“With future work on integrating this technology into foundries and making it more affordable, the binder jet additive manufacturing technology has the potential to revolutionize the whole metal casting industry,” states the study.

To read the full study, click HERE.


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  1. Maybe LCI should 3D-print trailer frames so they don’t have to deal with the poor welding jobs that tend to come from them, causing frame issues. Hell, maybe =manufacturers= should print their own frames. Here’s a thought, how about a single-piece main frame and superstructure! How strong would that be?!