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KPA helps auto dealers drive down health costs

KPA helps auto dealers drive down health costs

LAFAYETTE, Colo. — KPA has partnered with Benefits Exchange Alliance (BXA), a national health care insurance brokerage firm, to deliver cost-saving health care and voluntary benefits to dealers through the Dealer Private Exchange powered by PlanSource.

KPA partners with the RV Dealers Association to provide webinars and training on various business topics.

Anchoring the numerous plan options is insurance carrier Aetna. Using the Dealer Private Exchange, dealers and their employees can select their ideal coverage from a wide range of medical benefit suites. The private exchange provides:

  • An online benefit storefront
  • Side-by-side benefit comparisons
  • Health care cost calculators
  • A health care recommendation business rule engine
  • Single sign-on Benefits & Human Resources (HR) Management platform
  • Payroll interface to all national DMS and payroll service providers

With the collective power of BXA’s health care knowledge, Aetna’s benefits and KPA’s HR Management programs, dealers have the opportunity to provide their employees with “consumer choice and point of purchase” for greater health care coverage that meets employees’ ever-changing lifestyles. This combination builds employee satisfaction, engagement and a better health care experience.

“As an employer, choosing the right health care for every employee is a difficult task. The Dealer Private Exchange eliminates the guesswork, resulting in the right combination of cost and coverage for both dealers and their employees,” said Adam Devone, chairman of BXA. “The private exchange was exclusively built for and by dealers to help address rising costs and compliance challenges of the Affordable Care Act. The exchange also enables dealers to offer a ‘defined contribution’ strategy, thus limiting their expense while increasing employee freedom of choice.”

The pairing of BXA and KPA’s products with Aetna results in better benefit programs and significant discounts for KPA’s HR Management clients.

“Health care has changed drastically within the past few years,” said Kathryn Carlson, vice president of HR management products for KPA. “With the Dealer Private Exchange, our clients will save money, receive a predictable benefits budget and streamline administrative tasks.

“The Dealer Private Exchange is the complete solution for dealers, employees and their families since dealerships are able to add and manage employees, handle new enrollments and add qualifying life changing events for employees, all within a single HR Management program,” she explained. “On top of that, all eligible dealers will receive the bundling of a private exchange, data integration to KPA HR management and carrier connections.”

Interested dealers should reach out to their KPA representative to learn more about how the Dealer Private Exchange will reduce health care costs, automate paper-intensive benefit functions and, best of all, keep them compliant with the evolving laws of the Affordable Care Act.

For more information, visit or call 800.781.8308.

SOURCE: KPA press release

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