Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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Jayco to install American-made tires on all RVs

Jayco to install American-made tires on all RVs

ELKHART — Jayco signed an exclusive deal to put American-made Goodyear endurance tires on all of its vehicles, RV Pro reported today.

Mike Aplin, general manager for Jayco fifth wheel sales and product development, said the company had hoped to have a special flyover of the Goodyear blimp to promote its new partnership, but wasn’t able to pull it off in time for Elkhart RV Dealers Open House.

To read the full story in RV Pro, click here.

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  1. I applaud this effort by Jayco and I’m probably wrong, but I believe Cooper (in name) is the only 100% American manufacturer of tires (whereas Goodyear and most others import most of their products), although Cooper does have a few private label imports.

    This link is quite interesting in finding the DOT code on a tire to determine city/country of origin:

  2. I so happy (LOL) that they decided to put Goodyear tires on there RV’s. I put a Goodyear Marathon on my travel trailer and it lasted 575 miles before I had a blow out. Back to Carlisle.s for me. Not problems in 60,000 miles and counting.

  3. So when will these new tires begin.