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Iowa RV dealer blasts Camping World tactics, video goes viral

Iowa RV dealer blasts Camping World tactics, video goes viral


IOWA — Kevin Frazier, the president of Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott, Iowa, has released a professionally produced video in which he blasts the sales tactics of Camping World and its CEO Marcus Lemonis. The video since its release has gone viral.

For the video, which Frazier describes as his own personal narrative, he interviewed Camping World customers and compared sales invoices from his company and Camping World to show how pricing can differ greatly in the sale of the exact same RV. Frazier maintains the sales tactics used by Camping World are “crafted by Chicago experts.” He says Camping World employs “polished and perfected” unfair and unethical business practices to “fleece the RV consumer.”

RV Daily Report will let you be the judge. See Frazier’s video here.

SOURCE: Cheyenne Camping Center video and reader emails

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  1. Lmao.. This is SPOT on…

  2. I agree this is dead on. They rip people off everyday and I can’t believe the consumers fall for it. Old Marcus screwed the RV Industry before with Holiday RV Holdings. Its not his money its Steven Adams and now again wall street. He will still bail out a millionaire but should be in jail.

  3. …plus 8,417 views and counting on YouTube. When does a video cross the viral mark?

  4. Thank you so much for posting this and allowing us to share it. The RV business doesn’t need companies like this.

  5. This is dead on accurate. Camping World and Marcus as the biggest hypocrites in the RV industry.

  6. rv whole salers in ohio did the same thing it was 1 price for financing and more money for cash customers

  7. Anyway to get out of a bad deal once you signed the paperwork? I bought a toy hauler from Camping World and got it home, first time I went to take it out it caught on fire at the fuel pump as I was just about to fill the on board fuel tank for the toy hauler! Scared the crap out of me. Only had it for two weeks. And I also got bamboozled on the price. 23,995.00 sale price, got my statement from the bank, 41,400.00, that’s after a 3,500.00 down payment. How the hell can that happen?

    • 23,995.00 sale price, got my statement from the bank, 41,400.00, that’s after a 3,500.00 down payment. How the hell can that happen?

      by not reading the contract… buyer beware

  8. The Prices are so high and the Industry is so Corrupt, why do people sign these Contracts without having their Attorney Review it? RV’s cost as much as a House! People!.. Walk in to these places with a Spread Sheet showing 3 Other Dealers. Work’m hard. Call the other Dealers during Negotiations.
    RV Dealers can sell you an RV at Cost because they will get a Huge Kickback from the Manufacturers to sell a certain amount within a certain amount of time.
    Sale Prices are Lies usually.
    Pay attention people.. and get an Outside Inspector to look over the Rig. Worth every penny.

    • Not true. RV dealers do not have sale quotas tied to kick backs from the manufacturers like car dealers do. We cannot sell at cost and rely on the manufacturers for our profits.

    • It is hard to believe however that people do not read the numbers on the contracts they are signing and that the Finance department is not explaining the amounts and terms of the contracts.

  9. wow one long commercial for the dealer I hope he is paying your site kick backs for the free advertising. this isn’t 20 20 or 60 min, this is a DEALER trying to get you to buy from him not the competition.

  10. Hard to believe that consumers are so blind to details of purchase contracts to miss the interest rate and will sign blindly
    Disclosures are required and contracts without disclosure could be considered fraud
    Having worked over forty years in RV sales I have no way to explain how someone could miss a spread of thousands between agreed sale price and contract price unless they were blind or not savvy in business
    Shame on our industry for following the corruption of the auto industry

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