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Iowa RV dealer blasts Camping World tactics, video goes viral

Iowa RV dealer blasts Camping World tactics, video goes viral


IOWA — Kevin Frazier, the president of Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott, Iowa, has released a professionally produced video in which he blasts the sales tactics of Camping World and its CEO Marcus Lemonis. The video since its release has gone viral.

For the video, which Frazier describes as his own personal narrative, he interviewed Camping World customers and compared sales invoices from his company and Camping World to show how pricing can differ greatly in the sale of the exact same RV. Frazier maintains the sales tactics used by Camping World are “crafted by Chicago experts.” He says Camping World employs “polished and perfected” unfair and unethical business practices to “fleece the RV consumer.”

RV Daily Report will let you be the judge. See Frazier’s video here.

SOURCE: Cheyenne Camping Center video and reader emails

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