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Indiana gun laws worry RV manufacturer

(May 26, 2010) -- Ganyard described the new gun law as a nightmare just waiting to happen by making it easier for disgruntled employees to react dangerously to bad news. “In the rare cases where there are heated moments after an employee is let go, this minimizes the cooling off period,” he added. “How are we supposed to counteract?”

ELKHART – A new Indiana gun law which goes into effect July 1 allows workers to keep firearms locked and stored away in their vehicles while at work. That law has some employers concerned about the potential for workplace violence, the South Bend Tribune reported.

John Ganyard, human resources manager of Keystone RV Company in Elkhart, was once of the participants in a panel discussion hosted Tuesday by the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce.

Ganyard described the new gun law as a nightmare just waiting to happen by making it easier for disgruntled employees to react dangerously to bad news. “In the rare cases where there are heated moments after an employee is let go, this minimizes the cooling off period,” he added. “How are we supposed to counteract?”

Capt. Sean Holmes, of the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, told they employers they should never hesitate to call in law enforcement if they think a situation is critical.

To read the complete story in the South Bend Tribune, click here.

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  1. Again, to my obviously uneducated friends….I CARRY MYSELF. Can you read? I CARRY MYSELF. I would love all of you to talk to the families of those who were killed when a disgruntled employee who lost his job at a cabinet shop in Goshen in 2002…now wait…WALKED OUT TO HIS CAR, GRABBED HIS PIECE… and went back into the building firing at will. Later he stated that he was emotionally overcome and felt full remorse for his actions. You don’t think this individual could have use a bit of time to cool off? You people are ignorant at best…refrain from speaking of things you do not know and cannot possibly understand until you have lived them first hand. Sorry for “Grand Standing.” And BJ, have you ever let someone go under any circumstance what so ever? When I stated “these people” I was referring to violent, insubordinate people who may or may not be high on drugs…I’m sorry, that makes me a Democrat? You are ok with that? Again, LEARN TO READ before spouting off. If you actually read what I wrote and are still okay with that, well…you can’t fix stupid. Maybe if our general, responsible, gun carrying citizens would actually do their homework and pay attention to the details, we could get something done…

  2. Now, wait a minute. I carry myself so please do not think I am just another “Democrat” trying to take away our constitutional right to bear arms. I PROMISE you that is not the case! With that being said, firearms have no place in the workplace. A disgruntled employee who has been let go may not react appropriately in this type of situation depending on his circumstance. I do not think it’s fair to make comments like “maybe Mr. Ganyard should be more careful how many workers he hires so he won’t have to let so many go.” What an idiotic statement. Yep, your right, the only reason someone is ever let go is because their employer “overhired.” Furthermore, why is anyone who has ever been terminated a “poor, unfortunate worker?” Yes, there are definitely situations where the individual is terminated due to market conditions, company downsizing, etc. However, there are also times when an employee is terminated due to violent behavior, insubordination, drugs, etc…And you want to give these people easier access to their firearms? I also agree that some people are going to do what they are going to do, regardless of circumstance. However, I think that a bit of a “cooling down” period can’t hurt…

  3. Thanks Rick – I’ll ignore my previous education and masters and state again that people who are in distress will make the decision whether they drive to their home to retrieve a gun or pull it from their car. Please reference the numerous shootings over the years both in schools and business places. Often times the person has underlying issues that contribute to the forementioned rage.

    Please check back in a year, I bet you the workplace shootings in Indiana will be no less (or more) then the current year. In fact, violent crime as measured by law agencies is down year-over-year the several years. Sadly, the media perpetuates that it has gotten worse becuase news is now instantaneous.

  4. I have a great idea, let’s make it illegal to kill someone (unless it’s self defense). Even better, you can’t even shoot them. If we’d just pass that law, we wouldn’t need to worry who has a gun in their car, right? Doh!
    Rick, so from what I’m hearing, if there isn’t a “cooling off” period, YOU could be like the disgruntled employee in Goshen? What happened to that guy? Did he fry or hang? My guess is that he’s watching HBO and getting an AA degree while he waits for parole. With no priors, that could be any day.
    Oh, one more thing, name calling isn’t a good way to sell your point of view.

  5. Thanks folks, you have said it all, but Rick Dean is a emotional Democrat, Keep him away from our Tea Parties, Remember he “Carries”.

  6. Well I am a liberal Democrat and I foresee one day you guys will all end up shooting each other in one big mexican standoff. Problem solved!

  7. What I can tell you Democrats that you don’t understand is that we do not have the guns to kill each other, we have them to defend our families and ourselves from people who threaten our freedom and from the common criminal. You, in that same scenario would be termed a “Victim”.

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