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Forest River sued for defective materials

Forest River sued for defective materials

BATON ROUGE, La. — A Louisiana couple is suing multiple companies, alleging sale of a defective vehicle.

Layton Wayne Thibodeaux, Jr. and Angela Lynn Thibodeaux filed a lawsuit June 27 in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana against Forest River, and U.S. Bank, alleging violation of the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

According to the complaint, on Sept. 11, 2014, Layton and Angela Thibodeaux bought a new 2015 Forest River Forester from Southern RV. However, the suit says, the vehicle was defective in materials and workmanship within the warranty periods. The defects substantially impaired the Forester’s use, value and safety, the lawsuit states.

To read the full story by The Louisiana Record, click here.

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  1. I as well as many others will be watching this very closely.

  2. Do any others have more info on Forrest River being negligent. We are having several issues with our Surveyor 5th wheel.

    • Anthony Castricone

      This is interesting. I bought a 2016 forest river lite. Not even a year old and falling apart, paint, and decals are flaking off the entire front. It also leaked from facory sealed roof and water froze inside the walls separating the front panel from the trailer. Contacted dealer and the said 3 to 6 months to wait for parts! I am very unhappy with the quality of this trailer!

      • I purchased a brand new 2016 Tracer Air, already having issues with the front cap, roof and side moldings not fastened properly. The dealership claims to have corrected all the issues and we are back to square one with finger pointing back and forth. Nesa Williams from Forest River will not return calls or emails. Very disappointing, especially considering this is our first RV experience. Quality of workmanship is pathetic and no service from the manufacturer or dealership representing Forest River.

    • So many issues with our 2017 forest river wildwood!! We have had leaks feom everywhere that liquid could come from..toilets, sinks, you name it, it has leaked water! We bought this 2017 trailer in august 2016 and even before 2017 rolled around it has only been issue after issue.. Im starting all kinds of research….plus I have numerous emails and photos between myself and the dealer and forest river employees. I think its time to put those to use…

  3. Anthony Castricone

    Fallow up from my previous post: from April 13th

    Here we are now July 6th. My trailer has been in the dealers shop since April. It is still not fixed, parts have not even been shipped for forest river!…I was lead on to believe my trailer was being fixed and would be done by June 28th (by dealer)….Only to learn on June 30th no parts had ever been shipped from manufacturer! So my family’s 4th of July camping trip was ruined. We had to pay for a Hotel for the trip we had planned months ago. After contacting the manufacturer I was told the 3 party company who supplies all the metal for there trailers had not shipped anything do to being out of the materials. I continue to make payments on a trailer that is not getting use as intended!……I am extremely mad, disappointed, and let down. Worse customer service from both dealer! And Manufacturer! Forest River needs to take care of customers who trusted and invested thousands of dollars buying there brand over others….THIS IS NOT RIGHT FORREST RIVER!…..Stop playing the blame game and just focus on customer satisfaction!!!!!

  4. Danielle Rescan

    We too are having problems with our tent trailer. We bought a new 2015 Viking popup last summer. Long story short we have 4 pages of repairs on it already. Two weeks ago we found 1/3 of the floor damaged due to moisture. They said they will replace the floor but we have to pay to have it shipped to and from their factory. We live in Canada, their factory is in the States.

  5. I too am very unhappy with firest river & their representivates. Lousy service from day one & it still continues 3 1/2 after purchase.. Like so many others we have to continue making our payments even though we cant properly enjoy our unit.
    Has anyone out there experienced the same issue I have? I have a Columbus 5th wheel, 2014 34′ rear kitchen. On a recent trip to & from Mt. Rushmore our full size residential refigerator, fell out of its slot, tipped over on top of the table. Seveerly Damaging both the table & the Refigerator. I too was injured as the refigerator trapped me between the table & the fallen refigerator. Needlessly to say the refigerator had never been fastened, strapped or secured in any manner. It was sitting on wheels 6″ above the main floor. It sure messed up our trip. We had 2 teen age granddaughters with us. What if the refigerator had fallen on one of them! I am not going to ignore this serious matter. Forest River will not be ignored.

  6. Has anyone out there has a similar problem with their refigerator as we did. I am considering filing a class action lawsuit against both the dealer & Forest River..Hope to get some feed back on this issue.Forest River’s service/warranty sucks royally. Something needs to change when it comes to quality products/quality service/quality warranty enforcement.

    • I just purchased a 2017 Georgetown (Forest River) motorhome,in July, the windows leak every time it rains. The microwave is faulty and needs to be replaced, the bedroom slideout leaks, the countertop in the kitchen is cracked, the floor pops. Took it to Camping World three weeks ago for warranty work, have not heard anything. Spoke with Forest river and still nothing is happening. Wish I would have done my homework on Forest River before I bought this.

  7. It’s sad to see the same poor build quality/design issues continuing year after year. When we bought our (new) 2010 5th wheel I knew that there’d be bugs to work out but was not prepared for the severe issues we had and it was a “high end” model. I would have thought these things would have certainly been straightened out by now but I guess not.
    We’re currently looking into buying another RV but it certainly won’t be a new one this time and doubtfully one that’s been made in the last 10 years.
    The only way this shoddy stuff will cease is if people quit buying it and/or those that are now stuck with faulty rigs litigate the snot out of them until they “get it” or go broke paying penalties.

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