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Forest River modifies parts policy for dealers

Forest River modifies parts policy for dealers

ELKHART — Forest River today revealed a policy change in the area of procurement of warranty parts for dealers. No longer will dealers be required to procure warranty parts through Forest River; instead, Forest River is encouraging dealers to procure the part in the most expeditious manner in order to get the customers’ coach repaired in the shortest amount of time possible and back on the road.

Forest River is paying for the part and parts markup regardless of where it is purchased through their revised warranty policy, the release explained.

“Our industry needs to do a better job of meeting customer expectations after the sale.  Meeting those expectations requires us to make the warranty parts-ordering process easier, more efficient and customer focused, with an end goal of getting these parts to our dealers faster in order to expedite customer repairs,” said Forest River CEO Peter Liegl.  “Forest River is excited to announce improvements aimed specifically at these objectives.”

This new policy follows a 2016 announcement that streamlined the warranty process by defining parts that must be returned by Forest River dealers, radically reducing the number of parts required to be returned for warranty reimbursement. The change eliminated the “parts hold,” a common practice in the industry requiring warranty parts being held by dealers for a period of time, the release explained.

According to Liegl, this was an effort initiated by Forest River in which suppliers stepped up in a cooperative manner to support.

“We have eliminated a great deal of waste, hassle and commotion as a result of last year’s policy change regarding must return parts and holding parts.  Now our dealers can focus on taking care of the customers rather than wasting time and resources on storing, tracking and returning defective parts,” he explained.

“Forest River has made customer satisfaction our number one priority,” Liegl continued. “Over the last several years, we’ve spent millions and millions of dollars on various projects to set our company apart by improving customer satisfaction. This emphasis will continue throughout 2017 and beyond in order to make Forest River brands the obvious choice for retail consumers.”

SOURCE: Forest River press release

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  1. This is awesome for dealers and consumers. Nice to see someone finally stepping up and improving our level of service to our customers. As our customer expectations have risen dramatically the past 5 or so years meeting them is impossible without strong manufacturer support. Nice Pete sees it and has taken action .Now the rest need to step it up as well so we can retain our customers.

  2. Richard Eberhardt

    2016 Wildcat 327RE

    Hall light by bathroom has had tow occasions of water being in the light fixture. The LED light is not working properly and the bulb is only partiall working. It was just inspected by the dealer for major component problems including the roof. Please advise.

  3. David W. Tenney

    So how about the “rest of the story” publish the complete policy! it’s not so great. Mr. Liegl the way I read it you are only offering 10% mark up on parts over $101.00. Mr. Liegl until you realize that the biggest problem our industry is facing today is not quality! It is dealers being willing to service RVs they did not sell. As long as it is not profitable to do so no one is going to change their view and no one is going to invest in service facilities infrastructure to better service our mutual customer. Labor rates have to reflect todays cost and parts mark ups must be such that dealers want to handle warranty parts. The new policy is a great attempt but a huge swing and a miss! The service technicians in California are starting at a state required minimum wage of $21.00 and they want bonuses and efficiency pay above that. The experienced techs are demanding $35.00 to $40.00 per hour. Lot’s of us are having techs working over time to keep up so minimum wage at over time for a California Tech is $31.50. Warranty work must be profitable to attacked dealers to service our mutual customers. Profitable!

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