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Florida RV Supershow opens to record crowds

Florida RV Supershow opens to record crowds

TAMPA, Fla. — The 2017 Florida RV SuperShow opened yesterday to record-breaking crowds.  More than 18,900 people poured into the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa on opening day.

“We had to use overflow parking for the first time ever,” said FRVTA Executive Director Lance Wilson.  “The weather has been fantastic the entire winter and we were even a little on the warm side.”

Sheriff’s deputies had to close the Highway 301 entrance and route people through the Martin Luther King entrance in order to get the traffic off of Interstate 4, he explained, noting the supplier buildings, with more than 400 booth exhibitors, was packed from the minute the show opened.

Suppliers were reporting record sales for the first day and many were scrambling to get more product delivered for the other four days of the show.

“We set a record with our fall show and if the weather continues we are looking at a new record here as well,” said Dave Kelly, FRVTA marketing director.  “I think since the end of the election, people are feeling more confident about large ticket purchases like an RV.”

More chairs had to be brought into the seminar area to accommodate the unexpected crowd.  Especially large groups attended seminars discussing full- and extended-time RVing as well as tips for choosing the right RV seminars.

“This tells us that experienced RVers are traveling more often and for longer periods of time and new people are looking at RVs and trying to get as much information about ownership as they can,” said Kelly.

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  1. As I winter in FL I have been going to the Tampa show for some time. Arrived early on the 1st day. Parking booths ( $6 ) were all working. The entry booths ( $10) seemed to take longer to get through. Early was good. At 11:30 I walked in and out of the vendor building, no way going to fight that crowd. Way more MHs than expected including one at $2.3 million. Lots of tiny TTs too, and retro. My main interest was 5ers. Saw a lot of nice ones, have interest in one particular model. By 12:30 it was crowded, not sure I’ll go back in the future.

  2. Maybe the word is not getting out to the right media as to how bad the RV industry is plagued with sloppy, poor workmanship and lack of quality control and a don’t give a damn attitude. Like the saying goes. A sucker born every minute. Let the buyer be ware