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Florida Camping World staff humiliate couple

Florida Camping World staff humiliate couple

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Stephen Hahn and his girlfriend, Teri, spend their winters in Florida. This year, they spent their Christmas Eve shopping at Camping World in Kissimmee, where Hahn said employees spoiled their holiday spirit, WFXT-TV reported.

“My girlfriend was approached by a gentleman that came out of a glass office, where there were four or five guys sitting, and he said he was going to buy everything that we had in our cart,” Hahn told Fox25.

Hahn said they couldn’t believe the act of generosity and that they had several hundred dollars’ worth of items in the cart, but their tears of joy soon turned to tears of embarrassment.

Learn more about the prank from WFXT-TV.

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  1. Not surprised at anything Camping World and their so called General Managers do to disrespect customers. The problem starts at the top. Marcus, take notice. Clean up your own house before you attempt to show others how theirs should be run.
    Another disgruntled Camping World excustomer. Never again.

  2. It’s really sad how many good people are hurt by Camping World. Whether it’s a false advertising scheme or the multitude of failed RV’s that they push on unsuspecting buyers. As they say, “there ought to be a law!” Until that time, just completely avoid Camping World if you don’t want your pocket picked and your RV lifestyle to get flushed down a crapper that, oh yes, failed to work from the get go!

  3. Have had nothing but bad experience with Camping World, especially with their service on RV’s. Will void them like the plague.

  4. If the General Manager had really known what the meaning “Customer Service”, he would have taken the 4 or 5 guys aside and had them open their wallets. The PR of this scenario could have resulted in numerous potential customers coming to Kissimmee to buy RV’s and parts, rather than the BAD PR and avoiding Camping World. TOO BAD!

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