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EverGreen RV to shut down this week

EverGreen RV to shut down this week

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. — Baring a miracle last-minute infusion of cash, Evergreen RV will shut its doors later this week, RV Daily Report has learned.

One source suggested that the company is seeking a buyout from another manufacturer.

According to a story published in the Elkhart Truth in January 2014, the company was founded in late 2008 by several former Pilgrim executives with the backing of two private investors.

People familiar with the situation told RV Daily Report today that one of the investors withdrew his continued financial support several months ago and the company has been looking for additional funding since then.

One dealer was told by a rep today the end could come as early as Friday, and another dealer in a different part of the country confirmed that he was told the same story.

RV Daily Report has reached out to several EverGreen RV executives for comment, but none responded by press time to even deny the rumors.

Don Emahiser took over as president of the company Aug. 21, and the company has seen tremendous success in recent years.

“The company has a great product and a great reputation among dealers. We were really shocked to hear the news and I hope they can pull something together to keep the doors open,” the dealer said.

In fact, EverGreen RV was the fastest-growing RV manufacturer in 2013, according to the Elkhart Truth, which cited figures from Statistical Surveys.

Another story published by the paper March 15 of this year noted that sales of EverGreen’s I-GO travel trailers grew by 104 percent among two-axle travel trailers in 2015. Market share also improved by 81 percent.

“It is a great company, but they weren’t making any money and the investor pulled the plug,” one source explained.

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About Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a freelance writer and podcaster who has been writing about the RV industry since 2000. He is the former editor of RV Daily Report.


  1. Tom Piscitello

    As an original Carriage owner it’s no surprise to see another company run by Don E. to go down the tubes.

    • Emahiser Supporter

      Tom… I guess the fact that you own a Fifth Wheel built by Carriage gave you first hand knowledge of the inner workings of that manufacturer. Was “Don E.” the owner and financial supporter of carriage who made all the spending decisions of that company? Oh, wait… You have absolutely no idea how that company, or any other recreational vehicle manufacturer is ran or operated.
      “Don E.” inherited an enormous undertaking last August and performed at an incredibly high level during his time at Evergreen. Unfortunately it was just simply to late to unravel the financial mistakes of the previous regime. I have inside knowledge of this mans abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and I assure you that his business acumen is far superior to a person who, because he owns a product produced by a company, pretends to know the reason that company endured struggle and ultimately went “down the tubes”, as your strong vocabulary states.
      I would suggest in the future, you learn some facts before you take the time to slander a man’s name on the Internet. Your above statement makes you sound like a complete fool.
      Enjoy your camping season TP.

      • Upset consumer

        Maybe “Don E” should try working for a company that isn’t in financial stress if he doesn’t want to be associated with a bad name. I am certainly not a business RV expert but I wouldn’t continue to work in conditions like that.

      • Tom Piscitello

        Dear Emahiser Supporter,

        You’re to be complemented on your ardent support of Don E. However, your foolish support is somewhat pathetic. I will give you one thing, one failure could be considered a victim of circumstance, but now with two, we might just be seeing a trend develop. What is the difference in severance between Don E. and poor working stiff trying to support a family? Ah, just another foolish question.

      • whateveryouwantittobe

        How about Carriage- shut down. Starcraft- closed reopened by Jayco. Now Evergreen? All in his control when they shut their doors. lets not forget he holds the record for shortest time as a president of a Thor company. All facts not opinions. Opinion- he is like the kiss of death to any manufacturing he is in charge of.

  2. Whoa… have been seeing a ton of their trailers roaming the highways and campgrounds in California. I think Obama was just there maybe they can get one of those Solera loans for them.

    • You had to make this into an absurd political reference?

      • upset consumer

        no he shouldn’t have done that I personally think Obama is the greatest president that has ever served! i don’t understand how anyone cannot see this??? our country is solid financially and he is so amazing in how he handles other countries. who cares if we have to pay for others to get their healthcare for free aren’t we suppose to help people? just because we have to pay for ours doesn’t mean everyone should right? after all they are not even us citizens why should they have to pay for healthcare here? it doesn’t make sense???

        • Upset consumer, our economy is spiraling down the drain. Please start reading zerohedge.com. You will learn what goes on in the economy behind the scenes of what “they” want you to see. Whether it’s the republicans or Democrats,idk. But II do know it’s greed that will send this country over the edge.

  3. Upset consumer

    I knew something was up when we took our RV to a dealer for repairs and were told they could not repair it because Evergreen owed them so much money for past repairs. Lesson learned never purchase a brand that hasn’t been around for decades even then in our economy you are taking risks period.

  4. So sad- I love my Bayhill 340rk – never had it in the shop since purchase in 2014. Beautiful /great quality/ and I hate to hear this news.

    • upset consumer


  5. I had absolutely no problem getting my warranty repairs done Mid May. I love my Tesla and hope that whatever happens, this RV company doesn’t go the way of so many and get taken over by giant companies who do shoddy work and have no regard for their customers.

  6. sad…I don’t think Don was the problem….Go back to Mark B……..Which investor pulled the plug Kelly Rose ? I hope someone will take over Thor or Forest River….? If you own one you need to hope so too.

  7. We are a dealer in FL. They have been awesome to deal with, they really had good people and the people tried hard to help us dealers. Right up to about one week ago they paid us.

    Their sales rep was awesome and the number two man Mike was awesome. They did everything they said they would do right up to just recently.
    Someone is missing a good opportunity to take this manufacturer at the right time and blow it up. I have been in the retail end for a long time and if I had the money it is ripe for the pickin.

  8. Just wondering

    Anyone know if the other two brands are affected, Skyline and Luxury Lifestyles ?


  9. Someone please take the KoolAid away from “upset consumer”. You have to be a lib democrat thinking we should pay for everyone to have health care. My wife and are are getting sick and tired of paying for everyone else especially those that are here illegally or the ones that choose to live off the Government handout. Your post made me have a good laugh but unfortunately there are to many out there just like you.

  10. I was on the verge of buying was suppose to take delivery tomorrow until I heard the news,sad to here

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