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Erikson to rep Rydeen products in Canada

TORRANCE, Calif. — Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced that it has secured a distribution agreement with Erikson Consumer, a division of Jam Industries.

Under the agreement, Erikson Consumer will become the primary distribution agent for Rydeen products across Canada, helping to strengthen the North American presence of one of the industry’s most innovative safety technology suppliers.

Erikson Consumer is one of Canada’s largest independent distributors, with more than 40 years in the consumer electronics category, said Brad Wisnoski, product manager for Erikson Consumer. The company services brands in the home audio / visual market, as well as mobile electronics and portable audio. Brands include Infinity, JBL, SiriusXM, LifeProof and Parrot.

“Product reliability was the most important factor in deciding to work with Rydeen,” said Brad Wisnoski, product manager for Erikson Consumer. “We’ve watched the company grow and expand its product line, and have heard from dealers that the quality is exceptional. And seeing the company’s new products at CES — the wireless video and 360-degree camera — sealed the deal for us. We look forward to representing the line and developing Rydeen in Canada.”

Rydeen introduced the DG240 wireless video system at International Consumer Electronics Show this month. The booth demonstration included a camera and transmitter mounted on the booth’s scaffolding, with the receiver tied to a monitor and portable battery. Attendees were able to walk more than 100 feet down the aisles and still receive a clear, interference-free video signal.

Also on display was Rydeen’s RDV360 system, installed in the company’s customized Honda CR-Z. Booth staff demonstrated the ability to see the vehicle’s surroundings on a single image with a bird’s-eye view.

Erikson Consumer expects to receive Rydeen products and begin shipping them from its Montreal warehouse in late January or early February. In addition, the distributor will highlight the line at several upcoming shows in different cities across the country, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and a yet-to-be-determined city in Alberta.

“We are pleased and excited to be working with such a reputable distributor,” said Phil Maeda, president of Rydeen. “Erikson Consumer has smart, dedicated sales agents across the country who will introduce retailers to the product. We’ve always had a goal of bringing our products to Canadian retailers and consumers and strengthening our brand there, and I don’t think we could have chosen a better partner.”

SOURCE: Rydeen Mobile Electronics press release

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