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Eco RV-ing: Can Rvs be green?

Eco RV-ing: Can Rvs be green?

CINCINNATI, Ohio — According to the 2017 North American Camping Report conducted by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), 75 million American households are active campers, and there is an increased percentage of American campers who are younger and more diverse.

With the increase in the percentage of younger campers, an additional surging trend that can currently be seen in the RV industry is the number of owners and consumers who are searching for, and requesting information on “green RVs,” writes blogger Krista Atkins Nutter for Green Cincinnati News.

Most people assume that given the large, boxy nature of these homes on wheels, that they certainly can’t be green or environmentally sensitive. However, for the past several years, RV shoppers have seen the emergence of a program called Certified Green by TRA Certification Inc.

Read the full blog at Green Cincinnati News.

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  1. If a study was performed I bet it would find that RVers, weekenders and full timers, have an overall lower use of resources than folks in traditional homes. The big savings will be found in volume of water used, sewage created, trash produced and energy costs.

    Being said it is probably made up for by the crazy volume of smoke produced for the mandatory campfires (more a phenomenon of weekenders).