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Cummins executive urges Congress to take quick action

Cummins executive urges Congress to take quick action

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Tom Linebarger, chairman and CEO of Columbus-based Cummins, issued the following statement after the Trump administration announced its decision Tuesday to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative known commonly as DACA. The program has assisted young immigrants brought into the country illegally as children, who are often referred to as “Dreamers.”

“The decision by the Trump Administration to rescind DACA is discriminatory, harmful and sets our country back. These young people deserve every opportunity to continue living, working and thriving in the United States – for nearly all of them the U.S. is the only country they have ever known. This is their home.

Read the full story from The Republic.

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  1. I would bet that the overwhelming majority of Cummins customers are self sufficient successful conservatives that believe in the rule of law. Why would this guy want to alienate them? Why would he even express any kind of political view as a representative of his company. If I didn’t already own a Cummins powered coach I would certainly consider an alternative and I will not forget this when it comes time to replace mine.

  2. Marcus learned he should keep his mouth shut about politics and this guy is not smart enough to learn from that mistake? Why would he support violating the law? These people should simply be sent back home immediately. They should be overjoyed they have between 6 months and 2 years to prepare to go home. Once there they can apply to come back legally.
    Sure happy I do not own a Cummins at this time and will be sure not to ever in the future.

  3. Looks like cummins supports hiring cheap illegals instead of American Citizens. Shame.

  4. Mr. Linebarger,(i’m hoping he reads this)

    I would say this. YOU don’t have the right to speak for everyone else. Your views or just that. YOUR views.

    “Discriminatory”? Really??? In what way? You invade my Country ILLEGALLY, and when we send you back to your own Country, (who puts people in prison for doing the same thing by the way) that’s s what you refer to as Discriminatory???

    “deserve every opportunity to continue living, working and thriving in the United States”
    In what way? Where in the Constitution or Bill Of Rights does it state that if you cross our Boarder ILLEGALLY that you deserve ANYTHING.

    This Moron MUST be a Liberal. Wanting to make policies with other peoples money.
    I wonder how many of these people will be staying at this Guys House.

    I am sick & tired of these twisted Americans telling me Illegal Aliens’ deserve anything but a Bus ride back. We owe them nothing. I repeat, NOTHING !

    And by the way, Generac is now looking pretty good now for my Home Standby Generator.

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