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Cummins CEO says U.S. jobs dependent on great trade relations with China

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Addressing the Business Roundtable organization Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C., Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger says his company is dependent not just trade with other countries, but primarily China.

“The biggest market for Cummins outside the U.S. is China. It’s the largest truck market in the world, it’s growing the fastest, so by being present in China, that’s had a lot to do with why we’re able to add jobs in the U.S.” says Linebarger.

Read the full story from WIBC.

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  1. Good relations with China are required but not to the point they take huge advantage. After WWII the US gave Japan the best steel making technology of the time. New plants were built there and in China. The USW made demands ~~ like 13 weeks vacation for some workers~~ and the US built/upgraded next to nothing. Much of our steel problems are self inflicted but that does not mean China or even Canada should feel obligated to take advantage.