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Counting beans: A prophetic warning

Counting beans: A prophetic warning

NEW YORK — “If you run a call center and hire people who make a dollar less an hour, who are less supported, or less trained, or less caring, the impact on each interaction will probably seem pretty small,” author Seth Godin writes in his blog. “Of course, if you have a thousand operators, you just saved a lot of money.

“And, if you make cars and you figure out how to replace a bolt with a slightly less resilient one, very few drivers will notice, and if you make 200,000 cars a year, that might be enough to pay your entire salary,” he added.

“Some people will notice that the portions are a little skimpy. Some customers will be annoyed enough to switch to another company. And some people are going to die,” Godin wrote.

To read his advice on how bean counting impacts a competitive environment, read Seth Godin’s full blog post.

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  1. This sounds like what LCI has done to every company they have acquired.

  2. Glad to see I am not the only person who thinks LCI is selling junk and ripping off manufacturers, dealers, and RV owners.

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