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Coon bullish on 2013 RV market

Coon bullish on 2013 RV market

Richard Coon at 2013 RVIA Annual MeetingRESTON, Va. — Speaking to members at the RV Industry Association’s Annual Membership Meeting at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, Fla., March 5, RVIA President Richard Coon said the RV industry is performing very well and touched on key association issues.

Coon told attendees that the RV market is expected to have its best year since 2007 based on the latest RV wholesale projections from Dr. Richard Curtin in the Spring 2013 issue of RV Roadsigns. “RVIA is projecting 307,300 units to be shipped this year, which would be a 7.5 percent increase over the 2012 year-end total of 285,800 units,” he said

He added that the results for the past several years look even better when comparing them to historical shipment levels that have disaster related housing units removed.

“When you adjust the totals for RVs used as disaster housing in 2004 to 2006, it puts the recent performance of the RV market in an even better light,” Coon said. “Particularly when examining conventional travel trailer shipments, you find that the industry has been producing product at approximately the same or even greater levels than during the so-called banner years of 2005 to 2007.”

In addition to providing RV market statistics, Coon stressed that the association’s focus remains on representing member interests in the areas of RV standards, government affairs, market research and information, advertising and public relations, industry education and training, and national shows. He noted the association achieved considerable success in these areas in 2012 and shared a video highlighting those achievements.

SOURCE: RV Industry Association press release

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  1. Great article! With the news that Unemployment is shrinking, although not at the most rapid pace, it is a sure sign that there will be an increase in disposable income in the future. The majority of folks who purchase RVs are those who can pony up their disposable income. Should a settlement occur in the sequester funds, additional disposable funds would be available for the consumer to make an RV purchase.

    Dr. Coon has it right! All the RV Industry has to do is find the money pot.