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City takes issue with lack of Lippert jobs

City takes issue with lack of Lippert jobs

GOSHEN, Ind. — After failing to make good on a promise to create hundreds of new local jobs, local manufacturer Lippert Components could be facing a loss of tax phase-in benefits related to several of its Goshen properties, Goshen News reported.

According to Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman, the city awarded Lippert a seven-year tax phase-in connected to expansion plans that saved the firm about $484,000 in taxes over the course of the seven-year agreement. Lippert officials promised to add $10 million in new equipment and create up to 376 new jobs within the first few years of the agreement, the paper explained.

“If I’m doing the numbers correctly, they started with 1,078 employees, and now they have 838, which is minus 240 employees,” Stutsman said. “They said they would create 376 additional jobs, which totals to being under about 616 jobs from where they thought they would be.”

The full story is available at Goshen News.

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  1. Yeah, I bet Libbert shipped the jobs to China to make their faulty parts!

    • They have got to be the worst company in the RV industry. Coleman (AirXcel) is well on their way as well.