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Camping World to launch home delivery in January 2018


LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill — Camping World has announced that its home RV delivery service will launch in January 2018.

The service lets consumers shop at home for their RV and have it delivered to their driveway. Only select RV models will be available for home delivery.

Camping World’s website notes that this “service is designed for those without a dealership nearby, find your perfect RV online and a knowledgeable driver will bring it straight to you.”

The service, according to Camping World, works as follows:

  • Browse select inventory of Home Delivery RVs online.
  • Get familiar with these RVs with detailed walk-through videos, photographs, floor plans, specs and more.
  • Request more info on the RV that’s right for you, and a sales person will be in contact.
  • Camping World staff will work with you on financing and paperwork.
  • Once details are finalized, simply select your delivery date.
  • We will deliver the RV right to you, and provide a comprehensive walk-through and orientation.

SOURCE: Camping World website

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  1. Comical.. This will be nothing short of a disaster..

  2. Like everything else camping world does they will try it for a year then leave their customers high and dry!!!

    National supply / camping world ……. what a joke!

    I cancelled my good sam card when Marcus told me not to shop at his stores since I agree with trump

    • I too will not due business with Camping World, due to high prices compared with the Internet, and customer service in relationship to installations and repairs and finally, he doesn’t want my business because I totally agree with President Trump.

  3. I’m always happy with the great sales and service at Camping World in Myrtle Beach. Recently, a single email about a drop ship product was taken care of by Brenda, Admin Asst to Pres of Accessories. Now ~~ how about the PDI on drop ship RVs?

  4. That sounds illegal to me. Most states will not allow paperwork to be signed anywhere other than the dealership to be considered a legal and binding contract. But they will try it anyway. They seem to be above the law .

  5. Thanks for the clarification. I knew that it was a kink in there somewhere.

  6. If i was an owner of an RV Dealership I would be worried. It will open up vast amounts of customers to the “Camping World Private Label” brand. It says limited so I would hazard a guess they have worked out all the legal parts (publicly traded so they need to do really good due diligence). We have all come up against the internet dealers before that sold and delivered to your house. This one just comes with a built in service network coast to coast. Camping world has its own shipping company and doing paperwork offsite just needs to be done 3 days prior to delivery to get around the 3 day right of rescission.

    I am not a fan of the new way of businesses being done but I am a realest. I do very little shopping in a store. I buy offline for convenience and savings. This is no different.

    Ask Sears, Macy’s, and all the other big retailers how the internet shopper changed their business. As for the customer it is just one less human interaction and time waster they need to go through to get a camper.

    Going to be a interesting first few months.

    Marcus has poor middle management (VERY) but his top staff is one of the best in business. This will be one of those moments when a dealership either is proactive and keeps up with the buying habits of our buyers or is reactive and is wondering why the world left them behind.