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Camping World rises to No. 2 spot on PissedConsumer

Camping World rises to No. 2 spot on PissedConsumer

LAS VEGAS — Consumer complaint website, released its listings of most complained about companies in August, and Camping World ranked No. 2 on the list.

Other firms on the Top 10 list included Wish, Dhgate, Nevada Real Estate Academy, Tophatter, DirectTV, CBS, Walmart, Dressily and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.

According to Pissed Consumer, Camping World has 1,840 total reviews and 12 resolved issues. The total cost of claimed losses are $6.3 million, with the average being $14,100.

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  1. camping worlds after purchase is not very good.. was very disapointed. beware the assembly of RV’s i is not conserned with good qualtiy. i have reconstucted serveral idems . much quicker that a 3 to 4 week wait to get in via camoing world. big thing during manufactureing the staple gun is king. maybe they will get over the pinto stage

  2. They are terrible. They did want to sell me a trailer for money only finance. Then they gave me a trailer they knew needed repair and had rotten tires. And the trailer was new.
    They are mean when it comes to sevice

  3. The Profit will have a tough time showing a Profit if he doesn’t improve Service and Communication. He has said that he doesn’t even like Selling RV’s. Too much Time not enough money. The Real money is in Memberships.
    This is where you go to start shopping, get ideas and find a better place with a better price.
    Only Suckers Shop at his Prices.

  4. A couple of observations.

    (1) The RV dealership business is more like the car business than any other I can think of. It’s a tough business to keep a good reputation. People spend a lot of money and often regret it.

    (2) Most RV’s are very poorly made. This says more about the industry as a whole then CW. I bet this leads to more unsatisfied CW customers than anything CW did. You sell crap – people get upset.

    (3) It’s hard to focus on your core business when you’re running around buying retail left and right while making RV shows. ML has made big bets on Brick and Mortar retail while others are running away (Gander, Overtons). Time will tell if he’s the only one in the room who had it correct.