Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Do daily devotionals qualify as Bible study?

(Nov. 7, 2018) -- Devotionals are wonderful tools for helping to understand a passage or two of scripture. People who write good devotionals generally have keen insight and a unique way to apply the passage to everyday life. However, I don’t think devotionals can be considered genuine Bible “study” because no study is really involved. Read More »

Men have had enough of ‘not enough’

(Oct. 28, 2018) -- Much of the problem with men is that they are exhausted – emotionally and physically – because they really don’t know what is expected of them. The bars of achievement are routinely raised like he’s an Olympic pole-vaulter and the goal posts defining success are pushed further and further back. Deep inside, men know that whatever they are doing, it isn’t enough. Read More »

Are we too comfortable with God?

(Oct. 13, 2018) -- In the Old Testament, the process people had to go through to atone for their own sins was pretty remarkable considering all the burnt offerings, grain offerings, fellowship offerings, sin offerings, guilt offerings, wave offerings, food offerings, and drink offerings. Compared to Old Testament reverence, today we worship our work, work at our play, and play at our worship. Read More »

Have you heard of, met or do you truly know Jesus?

(Oct. 6, 2018) -- It is a decision you alone must make. Even if you scoffed at Jesus (like I did), made fun of Christians (like I did), and ran away from his church (like I did), he still wants a relationship with you. He’ll forgive you of those mistakes because Jesus knows that if you spend time with him, you’ll come to know the real Jesus and to genuinely love him. Read More »

Opinion: Would Jesus say your assignment is unfinished?

(Sept.8, 2010) -- In Revelation 3:1b-3 Jesus has a warning for the church in Sardis, but it might as well have been a warning specifically for me. I made it into bed just fine an hour earlier. But when I stepped out, I began experiencing the signs of stroke as I lost function in my entire right side. It was a vivid reminder of how Jesus can come like a thief when we least expect it. Read More »

Opinion: Don’t look back, look up!

(Sept. 1, 2018) -- When we put our faith in Jesus, he gives us a mission and specific purpose for us to accomplish to advance his kingdom. Yet, rather than looking forward to embrace this opportunity to make a difference in our lives or the lives of others, we tell God that he can’t be serious. Read More »

RVDR: Meet the Millennials

(Jan. 14, 2018) -- In this issue of RV Daily Report's bimonthly special editions, we take a look at who the millennials are, how they got into RVing and why, the work they do to support themselves, and the unique needs they are asking the RV industry to meet. Read More »

Podcast 148 features Workamper News

(Aug. 17, 2017) -- Workamper News now represents more than 7,000 employers and sends daily newsletters to 28,000 people living the RV lifestyle by working short-term gigs for those employers. Working in conjunction with the National RV Training Academy, Workamper News has developed a new workstudy program that allows workampers to bank hours and apply the value accrued to tech training. Steve Anderson explains how that program works and how it will benefit workampers as well as the campgrounds and RV dealers that employ them. He also describes the upcoming Workamper Rendezvous event planned for Oct. 16 to 20 in Heber Springs, Ark. Read More »

Couple alleges RV has defects, seeks rescission of contract

(May 29, 2017) -- John A. LeBlanc and Sue LeBlanc filed a complaint on May 17 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana against Vanleigh RV Inc.; Dixie Motors, doing business as Dixie RV SuperStores; and AmTrust Insurance Co. of Kansas Inc. alleging that they violated the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Read More »

CanaDream provides more than an RV, it offers an experience

(Sept. 16, 2016) — CanaDream offers their guests more than an RV to drive when they come to Canada. They offer the opportunity to experience Canada at their own pace from start to finish. CanaDream spends a great deal of time designing guests’ motorhomes from a practical point of view. Read More »

Think of RV groups for year-end giving

(Dec. 18, 2015) -- As people and businesses owners seek charities to support, RV Daily Report offers this list of RV-related organizations that are established IRS-recognized charitable organizations, which mean cash donations to the groups are fully tax deductible. Read More »

CA: See the Sugarloaf Ridge State Parks waterfall

(Dec. 16, 2016) -- This weekend may provide an ideal seasonal opportunity to see the waterfalls of Sugarloaf Ridge in full flush, on morning hikes along the creekside trails of Sonoma Creek. Rain that fell Thursday, heavy at times, heralded a clearing trend between “Pineapple Express” atmospheric river episodes that should make for a nice weekend. Read More »