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RV Daily Report’s exclusive podcasts include interviews with business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the RV and camping industry who tell their stories in their own words. Listen at work on your PC or download a copy for your next workout, drive home, or day with the in-laws (kidding). Each episode is packed full of interesting discussion, ideas and thought provoking conversation on the current state and future of the RV business. New podcasts are posted regularly; bookmark this page or subscribe to the email for updates.

Podcast 72: Priority RV Network and Cricket Trailers

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(Oct. 20, 2015) -- Podcast 72 of RV Industry News starts with an interview with Mike Regan, the CEO of Crestview RV in Buda, Texas, and the chairman of the Priority RV Network. The network has grown considerably in recent years, and Regan talks about what is being done to better brand the network at the dealer level. Then Regan, who runs a Top 50 dealership, talks about the industry as a whole from the dealer's perspective. The second guest is Garrett Finney, the CEO of Cricket Trailers, which has developed a NASA-inspired trailer that crams a lot of living into a limited space. The company is marketing products to people who love to camp and love adventure, but are tired of sleeping on the ground. Read More »

Podcast 71: RV dealer consultant Hardee McAlhaney

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(Oct. 16, 2015) -- Hardee McAlhaney is the guest for this special episode of RV Industry News. He is the former president of the Holiday RV Superstore chain, the industry's first-ever publicly traded RV dealership group. McAlhaney's expertise is in financial management and human resources strategies, such as developing pay and compensation plans. Today, he serves as an advisor to the Priority RV Network of dealerships, but also consults with other dealers regarding key management issues. McAlhaney comes on the show to talk about some of the common mistakes business owners seem prone to repeat. Read More »

Podcast 70: Duratain and RV Business Top 50

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(Oct. 15, 2015) -- The first guest on Podcast 70 is Wade Weiss, the president and chief formulator at Duratain, a company that produces protective coatings engineered specifically for the RV lifestyle. Weiss describes how the company started and shows how offering the products can create a profit center for dealerships, and help RV owners better protect their investments. The second guest is Sherman Goldenberg, the publisher of RV Business, who describes how he came up with the idea for the Top 50 Dealer Awards program and how finalists are nominated and selected. Read More »

PODCAST: Grand Design plus Harp Development

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(Oct. 9, 2015) -- The first interview this week is with Don Clark, the president and CEO of Grand Design Recreation Vehicles. The company just retailed its 10,000th RV and announced an expansion into a 67,000-square-foot facility in Middlebury, Ind., just to support pre-delivery inspections for dealers. After the firm rolled out a new lightweight travel trailer line in July, Grand Design will also launch another 40-acre expansion in 2016 devoted exclusively to production. Clark offers an update regarding the fast pace of activity at Grand Design. The second guest is Amir Harpaz, the CEO of Harp Development, which is based in Fort Myers, Fla. He was involved in the development of Cypress Woods RV Resort, and when it sold out, he developed Cypress Trail RV Resort. Harpaz talks about the changing demographics of RVers and why the luxury resorts are filling a need among the "glamping" oriented vacationers and full-time RVers. Read More »

PODCAST: RVIA’s Hugelmeyer and Ashurst, plus Torklift’s Jay Taylor

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(Oct. 1, 2015) -- The first guests this week are Frank Hugelmeyer, the incoming president of the RV Industry Association, and James Ashurst, the vice president of advertising and public relations for RVIA. Hugelmeyer has been on a listening tour by traveling around the country talking to manufacturers and suppliers. The former president of the Outdoor Industry Association, he describes the similarities between both organizations and how his experience will help him in the RV industry. Ashurst talks about the success of the Go RVing campaign and it's new approach to experiential marketing. The next guest is Jay Taylor, the general manager of Torklift International. The company has a growing international footprint in the RV and caravan markets. He offers some history about the company, but also describes some of Torklift's best selling products, and how dealers and manufacturers can benefit by selling and using them. Read More »

PODCAST: Thor Industries plus RV Trader

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(Sept. 24, 2015) -- Podcast 67 was broadcast during the Elkhart RV Open House, so host Greg Gerber offers his assessment on the attendance of the show and some changes he has noticed at the event this year. The first guest is one of the sponsors of the show, Bob Martin, who is the president and CEO of Thor Industries. He offers his opinion on this year's show and what it means for the industry. He also addresses Thor Industries' four quarter financial statement, which was released on opening day of the show. The second guest is Phillip Billups, the vice president of product development for RV Trader. During the Pennsylvania RV Show, he talked about the surge in interest in online shopping and what's driving the 40 percent increase in visitors to, as well as changing demographics. Read More »

PODCAST: National Automotive Experts and Advanced RV

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(Sept. 17, 2015) -- The first guest is David Neuenschwander, vice president of agency development for National Automotive Experts. NAE is launching a rebranding campaign to join forces with the National Warranty Administration Network. He talks about the differences between the two companies and how it will impact the RV industry. He also describes what the lifetime warranty involves and addresses several misconceptions about the program before talking about the importance of offering and buying extended warranty plans. The second guest is Frank Kolasinski, with Advanced RV in WIlloughby, Ohio, a manufacturer of Class B motorhomes built directly for consumers. He describes the all-electric vehicles produced by Advanced RV and who the customers are that tend to buy them. Read More »

PODCAST 65: RV dealer Jeff Pastore plus Cequent Performance Products

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(Sept. 10, 2015) -- The first guest is RV dealer Jeff Pastore, the president of Hartville RV in Hartville, Ohio. A former chairman of the RV Dealers Association, he describes how his parents got involved in the RV industry and how he manages to compete in a niche where there are two giant dealerships in the same market. The second guest is John Walsh, the vice president of sales and marketing for Cequent Performance Products. He discusses the merger between Cequent Performance Products and Cequent Consumer Products, and what that means for the company and the RV industry. Read More »

PODCAST 64: Jumping Jack Trailers and historian Al Hesselbart

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(Sept. 3, 2015) -- The first guest this week is Gregg Beaudette, the national sales manager for Jumping Jack Tent Trailers. The company has been around for a while selling the unique RVs in outdoor stores, but the firm is seeking to make the product available at RV dealerships. The second guest is Al Hesselbart, who served as the industry's unofficial historian for years until his retirement earlier this year from the RV/MH Hall of Fame. Read More »

PODCAST 63: Roadtrek Motorhomes and Balfour Resort

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(Aug. 28, 2015) -- The first guest this week is Jim Hammill, president and CEO of Roadtrek, which is located in Kitchener, Ontario. Roadtrek is one of the pioneer builders of Class B motorhomes, which have seen a lot of interest in recent years as baby boomers downsize from Class As and fifth wheels and want to continue enjoying the RV lifestyle. The second guests are the owners of Balfour RV Resorts up in beautiful British Columbia. Balfour is unique in that it's an established RV park that decided to sell its sites to private buyers. Some newer RV parks get construction money by doing that, but it is unusual to see an existing park migrating to the private owner business model. Read More »

PODCAST 62: InteractRV President Kevin Wallenbeck

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(Aug. 20, 2015) -- Wallenbeck talks about whether simply having a website is enough for business owners today, or whether they must do something else to draw people to their sites. With millions of websites clamoring for attention of consumers, and ranking on Internet search engines, he explains what business owners can do to stand out among the crowded online marketplace. Read More »

Statistical Surveys, RoverPass featured on Podcast 61

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(Aug. 18, 2015) -- The RV industry's "data man," Walworth's team provides the other half of the market report. Where the RV Industry Association compiles a monthly statement showing how many RVs have been shipped to dealers from manufacturers, Statistical surveys shows how many of those RVs have been sold and in what markets, down to the zip code. The second guest is Ravi Parikh, the president of RoverPass, a new website set to rock the outdoor hospitality industry by pushing reservation requests directly to campgrounds by phone, e-mail or fax in real time. Read More »

FMCA’s Jerry Yeatts, NRVIA’s Terry Cooper on podcast 60

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(Aug. 7, 2015) -- Podcast episode 60, which is sponsored by ADCO Products, features an interview with Jerry Yeatts, the executive director of the Family Motor Coach Association. Yeatts offers an update on what's happening at FMCA and describes some of the steps the association is taking to bring on younger members. The next guest is Terry Cooper, president of the RV Inspectors Association. It has been one year since NRVIA launched an ambitious plan to recruit and train 1,500 certified inspectors. Cooper offers an update on progress toward that goal and also shares interesting insight the group has gathered after analyzing a year's worth of inspection data. He also introduces the certified pre-owned inspection service designed for RV dealers. Read More »

Bretz RV, NASCAR Campground Network on Podcast 59

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(July 30, 2015) -- Podcast episode 59 features an interview with Mark Bretz, owner of Bretz RV. He talks about his dealership, how it is weathering the economic recovery and what the market is like in the Pacific northwest. Bretz describes where he sees the RV industry headed and offers a warning to RV dealers. The second interview features Adam DiPietro, who heads up a new initiative to create a network of NASCAR themed campgrounds throughout the country. He describes the network, its goals and what campgrounds can do to tap into the huge NASCAR fan base. Read More »