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RV Daily Report’s exclusive podcasts include interviews with business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the RV and camping industry who tell their stories in their own words. Listen at work on your PC or download a copy for your next workout, drive home, or day with the in-laws (kidding). Each episode is packed full of interesting discussion, ideas and thought provoking conversation on the current state and future of the RV business. New podcasts are posted regularly; bookmark this page or subscribe to the email for updates.

Podcast 84: Tom Derzypolski from BowStern

(Feb. 25, 2016) -- Derzypolski says the industry has matured and, in doing so, is becoming more attractive to more people. He describes trends among RV buyers and users, and touches on how digital media is playing a tremendous role in trip planning and purchase decisions. He also offers some advice as to how RV-related businesses could best put this data to use in making strategic changes to what they offer and how they reach RV consumers. Read More »

Podcast 82: Utility Supply Group’s Wade Elliott

(Feb. 4, 2016) -- Wade Elliott, the president of Utility Supply Group, talks about a trend in which campgrounds are installing meters and then billing RVers for the electricity they use, and why it will impact daily and weekend campers within a few years. He also addresses some of the problems people complain about regarding campground electricity, and closes by talking about Care Camps, a group he's involved in that sends sick kids to camp each summer. Read More »

PODCAST 81: BAL’s John Hawkins

(Jan. 29, 2016) -- John Hawkins, with BAL Norco, describes his impression with what's happening in the industry right now. He reminds listeners that the consolidations that rocked the industry in 2015 are reminiscent of similar activity in the 1990s. But, Hawkins also raises a warning flag concerning the slowdown of dealer orders of RVs going into the spring buying season. Read More »

PODCAST 80: David Gorin

(Jan. 21, 2016) -- Gorin talks about the business side of camping, and says there are lots of opportunities for campground owners and even RV park developers. Owning a campground can be a very viable business and he touches on some of the reasons why during the interview. He also describes some of the barriers to entry for prospective campground owners and what current owners can do to prepare an exit strategy. Read More »

PODCAST: ARC’s Derrick Crandall plus Ken Rishel

(Jan. 14, 2016) -- With the National Park Service celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, he talks about some of the pros and cons of the national parks, as they relate to RV use. A strong advocate for outdoor recreation, he explains what the Blueprint for Recreation is about and how it is ensuring official and financial support among federal and state elected leaders as the groups create a long-term policy. Ken Rishel, with Rishel Consulting, is the second guest. With the dawn of several new regulations impacting the RV industry, he has received more calls from RV dealers and campground owners asking for advice. Rishel developed a new compliance system that he says will keep dealerships and campgrounds abreast of the multitude of requirements with which they must comply to avoid hefty fines and other penalties. Read More »

Podcast 78: WFCO and Bradford Industries

(Dec. 18, 2015) -- The first guest is Tom Ryan, the vice president of sales and marketing for WFCO, a company that considers itself to be the “heartbeat of today’s RV.” Ryan talks about two new products introduced at this year’s National RV Trade Show, and about how the company’s Power Pros tech support team helps installers and technicians by cross referencing various products. He also describes WFCO’s vertical integration and how it aids in inventory and product development. The second guest is Elise Caputo, vice president of Bradford Industries, which is marketing an innovative Cooking Fire Suppression Cover. The cover, which installs in a cabinet, can be utilized like a blanket to put out kitchen fires without bothering with a messy, hard-to-use fire extinguisher. Caputo also describes several different markets within the RV industry where she feels selling the covers would be profitable for RV dealers and campground owners. Read More »

Podcast 77 features Dicor team in Louisville

(Dec. 11, 2015) -- Podcast episode 77 features a series of short interviews conducted with key Dicor staff members during the national RV Trade Show regarding the company and the new innovative products the firm introduced in Louisville, Ky. Guests include President Gregg Fore; Dave Majewski talking about Signature Extended Life RV Roof Coating for EPDM roofs; Tom Grubaught describing DiFlex II Polar White TPO roof membrane; Greg Kelly elaborating on improvements made to Corner Seal; Gorden Frost describing new fiber-reinforced plastics used to build RV walls; and Gregg Eash introducing new roller shades. Read More »

Podcast 76: KOA’s Toby O’Rourke and Techno RV

(Nov. 19, 2015) -- The first guest is Toby O'Rourke, KOA's senior vice president of marketing. Widely credited for the successful performance of the franchise over the past four years, she talks about why demand for camping and outdoor experiences is on the rise. O'Rourke is the mastermind behind KOA's What's Behind the Yellow Sign campaign, and she talks about why it is so successful, and what's being done to improve that campaign in 2016. The second guests are relative newcomers to the RV industry. Eric and Tami Johnson acquired TechnoRV earlier this year, and they travel the country speaking at RV rallies, shows and other events to teach RV owners about technology that can improve their experience. They explain the secret of their success is not just selling the products, but actually showing RV owners how to use them -- a lesson that could benefit RV dealers. Read More »

Podcast 75: RVDA’s Phil Ingrassia and FRVTA’s Lance Wilson

(Nov. 12, 2015) -- Education and training remain at the top of the RVDA's major initiatives for 2016, but there are several legislative issues deserving of dealers' attention in the year ahead, Ingrassia explained. The association is also partnering with CareerCo to help dealers recruit employees, train them and develop job descriptions. One of the biggest misconceptions in the industry is that this type of distance learning is expensive and that it's designed for larger dealers. However, as Wilson explains, the opposite is really true. He describes some of the courses available through the distance learning program, and the efforts of suppliers to provide additional training. Read More »

Podcast 74: Meyer Distributing and RV Armor

(Oct. 29, 2015) -- Episode 74 of RV Industry News starts with an interview with Mike Braun, CEO of Meyer Distributing, and Nick Gramelspacher, the vice president of sales and marketing. The company is making its first appearance at the RVDA Expo next week in Las Vegas. They asked to come on the show to introduce the company, talk about its history dating back to 1934, and what happened in 2007 to catapult the company to a new level. The second interview features Lee Thaxton, the CEO of RV Armor, which will also be attending the RVDA expo to roll out a new dealer partnership program. He comes on the show to talk about what RV Armor is, how it works, and how dealers can create a new profit center in their service departments by installing the product for their customers. Read More »

Podcast 73 features Bob Zagami and Furrion

(Oct. 22, 2015) -- Bob Zagami comes on the show to talk about critical issues impacting the RV industry, most importantly, the need for better training of staff and technicians, and the need to do a better job recruiting techs into the career field. He also describes some outside-the-box marketing ideas being employed by NERVDA as well as the future of RV industry trade shows. The second guest is Chase Healy, the director of specialty vehicle sales for Furrion, an Elkhart-based company that specializes in electrical equipment and appliances for the RV lifestyle. Furrion is near completion of an innovation center in Elkhart, and Healy talks about what that involves and how it will impact the future of the RV market. Read More »

Podcast 72: Priority RV Network and Cricket Trailers

(Oct. 20, 2015) -- Podcast 72 of RV Industry News starts with an interview with Mike Regan, the CEO of Crestview RV in Buda, Texas, and the chairman of the Priority RV Network. The network has grown considerably in recent years, and Regan talks about what is being done to better brand the network at the dealer level. Then Regan, who runs a Top 50 dealership, talks about the industry as a whole from the dealer's perspective. The second guest is Garrett Finney, the CEO of Cricket Trailers, which has developed a NASA-inspired trailer that crams a lot of living into a limited space. The company is marketing products to people who love to camp and love adventure, but are tired of sleeping on the ground. Read More »

Podcast 71: RV dealer consultant Hardee McAlhaney

(Oct. 16, 2015) -- Hardee McAlhaney is the guest for this special episode of RV Industry News. He is the former president of the Holiday RV Superstore chain, the industry's first-ever publicly traded RV dealership group. McAlhaney's expertise is in financial management and human resources strategies, such as developing pay and compensation plans. Today, he serves as an advisor to the Priority RV Network of dealerships, but also consults with other dealers regarding key management issues. McAlhaney comes on the show to talk about some of the common mistakes business owners seem prone to repeat. Read More »