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RV Daily Report’s exclusive podcasts include interviews with business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the RV and camping industry who tell their stories in their own words. Listen at work on your PC or download a copy for your next workout, drive home, or day with the in-laws (kidding). Each episode is packed full of interesting discussion, ideas and thought provoking conversation on the current state and future of the RV business. New podcasts are posted regularly; bookmark this page or subscribe to the email for updates.

Podcast 110: Todd Vice and Walex

(Sept. 30, 2016) -- In the RV industry, Walex offers industrial strength cleaner and degreaser, holding tank treatments to break down waste, hand sanitizer, odor control products for black and gray water tanks, and an odor control spray that freshens air, carpets and fabrics. Vice describes some of the new products the company has developed in recent years and the specific problems they are designed to address. Read More »

Podcast 109: Cedar Mountain RVI and Wi-Fi

(Sept. 23, 2016) -- Wayne Hulit, the president of Cedar Mountain RVI, a company in Virginia that provides RV inspections and reps RV Armor and Truma water heaters as well. But, Cedar Mountain is also heavily involved in bringing a new Wi-Fi solution to the outdoor hospitality industry. He describes his partnership with Sigmawifi, a New Hampshire firm that is working with campground and RV park owners to improve signal strength at their facilities. Hulit touches on equipment that campground owners and RV owners alike can use to improve the Wi-Fi experience. He also touches on why RV dealerships should be paying more attention to improving Wi-Fi in RVs they sell. Read More »

Podcast 108: RV Trader’s Phillip Billups

This week's guest is Phillip Billups, the vice president of product development for RV Trader’s recreational brands. The company has developed a new inventory widget that embeds a code from RV Trader’s website onto a participating partner’s website. It gives bloggers and web publishers a competitive advantage by expanding their websites’ content to include RVs for sale across the country. It will be a big boon for dealers and manufacturers by expanding the number of websites that feature RV Trader’s inventory on their own sites. Billups also reveals the results on an RV Trader survey that shows 64 percent of people prefer buying RVs from established dealerships than they do from private sellers. He outlines some of the reasons behind that statistic. Read More »

Podcast 107: PRVCA’s Heather Leach on Hershey Show

(Sept. 12, 2016) -- The guest on this week's podcast is Heather Leach, the executive vice president of the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association and the mastermind responsible for coordinating America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa. She talks a lot about the Consumer Days at this year’s show and what people can expect when they come out to the event Sept. 14 to 18. Leach also delves into how the show started and evolved from a simple event at the Farm Center in Harrisburg to a mega event in Hershey. She’ll explain why she believes the event is so popular year after year. Read More »

Podcast 106: Cathy Reinard with Copake KOA

(Sept. 2, 2016) -- This week’s guest is Cathy Reinard, the owner of Copake KOA in Copake, N.Y. She and her husband, Gary, operate a rather large facility with 244 sites. The Reinards are experts on franchising in that they have owned a Jellystone Park and a KOA. She talks about the benefits and challenges of owning a campground and the advantages of working within a franchise system. She also addresses the difference she sees between corporate-owned campgrounds and those owned by families and entrepreneurs. She describes steps that campground owners must take in preparing to eventually step away from the business. Read More »

Podcast 105: TechnoRV’s Tami and Eric Johnson

(Aug. 25, 2016) -- This week’s guests are Tami and Eric Johnson, the owners of Techno RV. They are full-time RVers who travel the RV show circuit to train other owners how to use technology to their advantage. The couple bought the business in early 2015, and they were on the show back then as new owners. Because technology is constantly changing, they return to offer an update as to how the transition went from one owner to the next and to describe some new technology products they are recommending to new and experienced RV owners. Read More »

Podcast 104: Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

(Aug. 19, 2016) -- Dan Goy and his wife, Lisa, have been leading tours to the area for decades. Their company, Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, leads people on adventures that range from four weeks to six weeks in length. The escorted tours visit places the Goys know to be safe – and beautiful. He describes the tours they operate, what types of experiences the RVers enjoy, and what it costs to partake in an enjoyable vacation. Read More »

Podcast 103: John and Kathy Huggins, Living the RV Dream

(Aug. 5, 2016) -- The guests on Podcast 103 are John and Kathy Huggins, founders of Living the RV Dream, who are very active bloggers and podcasters who talk extensively about RV products and the RV lifestyle, but they also have one of the most active RVing groups on Facebook. The couple is absolutely adored by their fans, but many people involved in the business side of the RV industry don't even know who the Huggins or about the following they enjoy. The Huggins just released their new book, "So You Want to Be an RVer," following a massive upgrade of a previous edition. Read More »

Podcast 102: Escapees’ Travis and Melanie Carr

(July 28, 2016) -- This week's guests are Travis and Melanie Carr, the incoming president and vice president of the Escapees Club. Travis and Melanie come on the show and explain what’s changed and who is in charge of what going forward. They describe the work being done by Escapees to attract younger members and where Travis and Melanie see the club moving in 2017 and beyond. They also touch on some new services offered this year, including a new mapping tool and a job board to help working RVers make money on the road. Read More »

Podcast 101: NAE’s Select Certified Warranty Program

(July 21, 2016) -- David Neuenschwander, the vice president of National Automotive Experts, describes a new program to help reduce the anxiety consumers have about buying a pre-owned RV. Called the Select Certified Limited Warranty Program, it requires dealers to complete a 108-point inspection and then certify to customers that the dealership has completed the inspection. As a result, a dealership is able to offer 12-month limited warranty covering these items: suspension, brakes, fresh water and waste water systems, LP gas systems, heating and air conditioning. Under the new nationwide program, any RV sold by a dealership -- from the current model year back eight model years -- can be covered. Read More »

Podcast 100: Bob Zagami addresses industry issues

(July 14, 2016) -- Zagami offers insight into a host of hot-topic issues during this extended 60-minute show. He talks about technician recruitment and training, frustrations over product quality, the role RV shows play in the industry and consumer markets, and what the Camping World IPO means for the industry. He also talks about opportunities for dealership and campgrounds to play a bigger role in the RV lifestyle. Read More »

Podcast 99: RV StatTracker aids sales effectivness

(July 8, 2016) -- Arizona-based RV sales trainer Chuck Morgan appears on podcast episode 90 to talk about the RV StatTracker software he developed that analyzes data about a particular salesperson in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. Then, it allows sales managers to develop a training plan and action plan to improve effectiveness. Read More »

Podcast 98: Fifth Wheel Street founder Dave Gray on towing safety

(June 30, 2016) -- This week’s guest is Dave Gray, the founder of Fifth Wheel Street, a website he launched in 2011 in response to his inability to find credible information about fifth wheel towing when he was a full-time RVer. He’s a little frustrated that the industry doesn’t do enough to help consumers better understand how to safely use RVs. In fact, he notes that most manufacturers include little or no safety information in the owner’s packets. As a result, owners are often left to find information on their own when, in fact, they don’t even know what questions to ask dealers. Read More »

Podcast 97: Camping World IPO and RVShare

(June 23, 2016) -- Podcast 97 features Ravi Parikh, founder of RoverPass, who has a degree in finance and economics and was intrigued by the announcement that Camping World was preparing an initial public offering of stock. He sees the IPO as the first leg in a unique strategy to give Camping World nearly a billion to buy more dealerships and further consolidate the RV retail market. He also suggests that Camping World could divest itself from Good Sam Club. The second guest is Joel Clark, the founder of RVShare a company that allows RV owners to rent out their RVs when not in use. Clark explains how the program came about and why it is right for the RV industry. He describes how the process works and the protections built in to the system to protect RV owners and renters alike. Read More »

Podcast 96: Winnebago CEO Mike Happe

(June 9, 2016) -- Podcast 96 of RV Industry News begins with host Greg Gerber quelling speculation that the recently introduced RVs Move America economic report may have been embellished. This week’s guest is Mike Happe, the new president and CEO of Winnebago Industries. He offers his early impressions of the company, the RV industry and overall market. He also outlines some of his goals for Winnebago and addresses how working from a remote office in Minnesota won’t impact his ability to lead the company. Read More »