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RV Daily Report’s exclusive podcasts include interviews with business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the RV and camping industry who tell their stories in their own words. Listen at work on your PC or download a copy for your next workout, drive home, or day with the in-laws (kidding). Each episode is packed full of interesting discussion, ideas and thought provoking conversation on the current state and future of the RV business. New podcasts are posted regularly; bookmark this page or subscribe to the email for updates.

Podcast 102: Escapees’ Travis and Melanie Carr

Escapees logo 2016

(July 28, 2016) -- This week's guests are Travis and Melanie Carr, the incoming president and vice president of the Escapees Club. Travis and Melanie come on the show and explain what’s changed and who is in charge of what going forward. They describe the work being done by Escapees to attract younger members and where Travis and Melanie see the club moving in 2017 and beyond. They also touch on some new services offered this year, including a new mapping tool and a job board to help working RVers make money on the road. Read More »

Podcast 101: NAE’s Select Certified Warranty Program

RVIN logo

(July 21, 2016) -- David Neuenschwander, the vice president of National Automotive Experts, describes a new program to help reduce the anxiety consumers have about buying a pre-owned RV. Called the Select Certified Limited Warranty Program, it requires dealers to complete a 108-point inspection and then certify to customers that the dealership has completed the inspection. As a result, a dealership is able to offer 12-month limited warranty covering these items: suspension, brakes, fresh water and waste water systems, LP gas systems, heating and air conditioning. Under the new nationwide program, any RV sold by a dealership -- from the current model year back eight model years -- can be covered. Read More »

Podcast 100: Bob Zagami addresses industry issues

RVIN logo

(July 14, 2016) -- Zagami offers insight into a host of hot-topic issues during this extended 60-minute show. He talks about technician recruitment and training, frustrations over product quality, the role RV shows play in the industry and consumer markets, and what the Camping World IPO means for the industry. He also talks about opportunities for dealership and campgrounds to play a bigger role in the RV lifestyle. Read More »

Podcast 99: RV StatTracker aids sales effectivness

RVIN logo

(July 8, 2016) -- Arizona-based RV sales trainer Chuck Morgan appears on podcast episode 90 to talk about the RV StatTracker software he developed that analyzes data about a particular salesperson in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. Then, it allows sales managers to develop a training plan and action plan to improve effectiveness. Read More »

Podcast 98: Fifth Wheel Street founder Dave Gray on towing safety

RVIN logo

(June 30, 2016) -- This week’s guest is Dave Gray, the founder of Fifth Wheel Street, a website he launched in 2011 in response to his inability to find credible information about fifth wheel towing when he was a full-time RVer. He’s a little frustrated that the industry doesn’t do enough to help consumers better understand how to safely use RVs. In fact, he notes that most manufacturers include little or no safety information in the owner’s packets. As a result, owners are often left to find information on their own when, in fact, they don’t even know what questions to ask dealers. Read More »

Podcast 97: Camping World IPO and RVShare

RVIN logo

(June 23, 2016) -- Podcast 97 features Ravi Parikh, founder of RoverPass, who has a degree in finance and economics and was intrigued by the announcement that Camping World was preparing an initial public offering of stock. He sees the IPO as the first leg in a unique strategy to give Camping World nearly a billion to buy more dealerships and further consolidate the RV retail market. He also suggests that Camping World could divest itself from Good Sam Club. The second guest is Joel Clark, the founder of RVShare a company that allows RV owners to rent out their RVs when not in use. Clark explains how the program came about and why it is right for the RV industry. He describes how the process works and the protections built in to the system to protect RV owners and renters alike. Read More »

Podcast 96: Winnebago CEO Mike Happe

RVIN logo

(June 9, 2016) -- Podcast 96 of RV Industry News begins with host Greg Gerber quelling speculation that the recently introduced RVs Move America economic report may have been embellished. This week’s guest is Mike Happe, the new president and CEO of Winnebago Industries. He offers his early impressions of the company, the RV industry and overall market. He also outlines some of his goals for Winnebago and addresses how working from a remote office in Minnesota won’t impact his ability to lead the company. Read More »

Podcast 95: Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk

RVIN logo

(June 2, 2016) -- Recognizing June as Great Outdoors Month, this week’s podcast begins with a description of the size and scope of the outdoor industry. This week’s guest is Dan Wenk, the superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. Wenk describes his history with the park service and why he settled on the outdoor industry as a career. He also talks about Yellowstone in particular and what the National Park Service is doing to improve services for RV users. He even offers some advice for people who chose to visit national parks, especially Yellowstone. Read More »

Podcast 94: Tents For Troops, Toutle River RV Resort

Tents for Troops logo

(May 26, 2016) -- Podcast episode 94 features an interview with Charlie Curry, the founder of Tents for Troops and the manager of Toutle River RV Resort. The resort in Castle Rock, Wash., is located between Olympia, Wash., and Portland, Ore. It’s a sprawling campground with hundreds of sites and plenty of activities for families. Curry has also been working with park model manufacturers to develop and build units especially for handicapped people. Through Tents for Troops, he describes his mission to make two nights of free camping available to active duty military members through partnerships with campgrounds and RV parks nationwide. His passion is fueling his motivation to expand the service to include RV stays at member campgrounds. Read More »

Podcast 93: Brazel’s RV Performance Center

Brazels logo

(May 19, 2016) -- This week's podcast features an interview with Jon Brazel, the parts manager at Brazel's RV Performance Center in Centralia, Wash. Brazel's is an independent RV service center that specializes in motorhome chassis service. However, the company also developed some proprietary products under the Ultra RV Products brand that Brazel's make available to RV dealers throughout North America to enhance the ride, safety and stability of motorhomes. Brazel describes those products and talks about why the company sees tremendous potential in RV service, especially to traveling RVers. Read More »

Podcast 92: Randy Sobel with Sobel University

Sobel University logo

(May 13, 2016) -- Randy Sobel, president of Sobel Associates in Tacoma, Wash, and founder of Sobel University, is a legendary sales trainer and speaker within the RV industry. He explains how a changing paradigm is already impacting RV dealers and why training is not a one-time-only event, but an ongoing process. He talks about how the Sobel University courses he developed can prepare anyone to become better at coaching customers through the buying process. Events that get sales people hyped up aren’t effective in maintaining sales success. That’s because they lack a solid, understandable process that works consistently. Read More »

Podcast 91: Finance and insurance expert Jan Kelly

Jan Kelly

(May 6, 2016) -- Kelly talks about some trends she is seeing in the F&I segment having to do with regulations and reserve requirements. She also talks about compliance issues and why dealers need to diversify into other products. She even provides tips on how F&I managers can convert cash customers into financing their purchases. Perhaps the best part of this interview is that Kelly takes RV dealers to task over their approach in hiring people to fill F&I positions. Read More »

Podcast 90: David Robinson from Roadmaster

Roadmaster logo

(April 29, 2016) -- Podcast 90 starts with host Greg Gerber reading an email he received and a Facebook post he saw this week complaining about product quality of RVs. Then he interviews David Robinson, Roadmaster's director of marketing, about the company and its commitment to product quality. They discuss a tour of the facility where products are designed and built in America, and what the company is doing to stay ahead of the constantly evolving RV and automotive industries. Robinson talks about what Roadmaster is doing to help dealers better serve people who want to tow vehicles and other equipment behind their RVs, and enjoy a better, more comfortable driving experience. Read More »

Podcast 89: Ryan Douglas with logo

(April 21, 2016) -- This week’s guest is Ryan Douglas, the co-founder of, a new website that rewards RV users just for camping. Those rewards include free nights, camping gear, or other lifestyle products. People also earn points by booking reservations online. Campgrounds pay nothing to be listed on the site, and pay only when a reservation is made. The RV parks can also set up their own special promotions. Read More »

Podcast 88: Debbie Sipe, with CalARVC

CalARVC logo

(April 14, 2016) -- CalARVC Executive Director Debbie Sipe addresses some of the biggest challenges that campground owners face in California, and they are likely the same problems faced by campground owners in other parks. Sipe explains why rate increases have been imposed in recent years, and she addresses the need for an industry-wide effort to improve the amount of data available to RV-related businesses. Read More »